10 hilarious jokes and memes as Donald Trump unveils $60 'America-themed' Bible ahead of Easter

10 hilarious jokes and memes as Donald Trump unveils $60 'America-themed' Bible ahead of Easter
On Tuesday, March 26, former President Donald Trump launched a new product line featuring the ‘God Bless the USA' Bible priced at $59.99 (Getty Images)

10 memes that took over the Internet after Donald Trump announced his 'God Bless the USA' Bible

(Getty Images)
Donald Trump America-themed Bibles go for $59.99 apiece (Getty Images)

Donald Trump is currently selling Bibles! For $59.99 apiece, the former president is offering Bibles with American ultranationalist themes. In a video posted on his Truth Social platform on Tuesday, March 26, the 77-year-old MAGA figurehead urged his supporters to purchase his Bible, which is based on the patriotic song by country musician Lee Greenwood. The Bible reportedly features the King James Version translation, as well as copies of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a handwritten chorus of the celebrated Greenwood song. While many of his ever-ardent followers were ecstatic with the announcement, Trump's detractors took to various social media platforms to make fun of the erstwhile Commander-in-Chief's financial woes stemming from mounting legal expenses as he fights four criminal indictments and several civil charges brought against him.

1. Trump has never once read the Bible in his entire life


Political commentator Ron Filipkowski claimed that for a man who has never really glanced at the holy book for Christians, Donald Trump's attempt at rebranding the Bible and then selling it at exorbitant prices is not the kind of spiritual practice Jesus Christ would've been keen on propagating. The editor of MeidasTouch wrote on X, "Putting a flag on a Bible then adding political documents to it to repackage and sell it for $60 by a man who has never read it is really some sick, twisted stuff. This is not the christianity that comes from Jesus."

2. Trump held a Bible in public once, that too, upside down


One X user recalled an incident from Donald Trump’s much-criticized photo-op at Washington’s Lafayette Square in June 2020, when the then-President encouraged the military to go in for tear gas to move people who were peacefully protesting out of the way so he could walk across to a Protestant church, namely, the St John’s Church and hold the holy book upside down. The user noted, "Trump never picked up a bible in his life except for the one time he did a photo op and posed with an upside down Bible!"

3. God will strike him down!


Another X user cheekily suggested that it is advisable to stay way clear of Donald Trump's proximity, because one might never know when the wrath of God will strike the former POTUS, burning him to a crisp. The user quipped, "I would stay out of his airspace. Just saying."

4. A move so desperate even Dems can't hold back their laughter


One user simply posted the aforementioned meme showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama laughing to their heart's content as their political opponent has to come up with innovative ways to swindle money out of people's pockets. It is to be noted that Trump finds himself in deep waters before the November election trying to cover his legal bills.

5. A complete scam hidden behind Trump's branding


A netizen reacted to news of people ordering a copy of Trump's Bible, only to never receive the product and find themselves unable to get their money back. The X user posted a GIF from the 'The Office' with the caption, "Oh. That’s surprising."

6. Sneakers to Bible, the grift continues 


The former president has been involved in various business ventures lately, including launching a line of Trump-branded sneakers through 45Footwear. These sneakers, called 'Never Surrender High-Tops', were showcased at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia and are priced at $399. Someone poked fun at the bizarre commercial undertakings by the real estate tycoon with the aforementioned meme, which reads, "And if you order your Bible now, we'll throw in, absolutely free, a pair of Golden Sneakers."

7. No rest for the wicked


One X user commented on the absurdity of the former President's antics by posting a meme that depicts a caricature of Donald Trump hugging a cross mistaking it for a large 'T', which is of course the first letter of his surname. In the distance, his evangelical Christian supporters are seen admiring Trump, making him out to be devout beyond anybody else. The user posted the meme (attached above) with the caption, "There is really NO limit for Trump . . . ... the bottom has long been reached... but he sinks deeper and deeper. What a disgusting guy!"

8. Donald and his deadly sins


Another X user contended that whether Donald Trump read the Bible or not is not the real question to be asked at this time but rather, it is certain that the former United States Commander-in-Chief is fluent in the seven deadly sins, as showcased in the meme attached. The user wrote, "He’s definitely an expert on the 7 Deadly Sins…"

9. Trump as a sickness unto mankind


One X user posted a Groucho meme that wholly encapsulates the struggle between Trump supporters and his staunch detractors. One group of the population sincerely believes Donald Trump to be their savior sent down from the heavens, while the other faction argues whether godly punishments of biblical proportions, such as sending down locusts to destroy farmland and vegetation, weren't an option anymore for the Lord Almighty.

10. Preach, not practice


Certainly, the Bible doesn't espouse the same talking points as that of former President, but his evangelical Christian voter base would say otherwise. Regardless, this user encased the dichotomy of many American families in the meme attached above, as they cheer on efforts to 'stop the steal', or 'build the wall' when their holy book itself has several passages where being of service to one's fellow man is considered tantamount to serving God.

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