10 hilarious reactions to Donald Trump’s ‘Black jobs’ remark from presidential debate

10 hilarious reactions to Donald Trump’s ‘Black jobs’ remark from presidential debate
Donald Trump's 'Black jobs' remark during presidential debate sparked a meme fest on social media (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

10 hilarious reactions to Donald Trump’s ‘Black jobs’ remark from presidential debate

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
During the presidential debate, Donald Trump said illegal immigrants were taking away 'Black jobs' (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump argued during the first presidential debate that illegal immigrants were taking away jobs from Black people. However, the 45th president used poorly phrased racist rhetoric to substantiate his point while debating President Joe Biden. Trump, whose 2024 campaign aimed to boost outreach among Black communities, stated that illegal immigrants took away "Black jobs." "The fact is that his big kill on the Black people is the millions of people that he's allowed to come in through the border. They're taking Black jobs now. They're taking Black jobs and they're taking Hispanic jobs. And you haven't seen it yet, but you're going to see something that's going to be the worst in our history," he said. The remark made many curious to know what a "Black job" is. Here are ten hilarious reactions on social media to Trump's "Black jobs" comment.

1. Rep Stacey Plaskett doing her 'Black job'

Rep Stacey Plaskett trolled Donald Trump's remark on X (@StaceyPlaskett/X)

Rep Stacey Plaskett mocked Trump's remark, flaunting her job as a congresswoman. The Democratic lawmaker from the US Virgin Islands shared a photo of her at work on X. "Another day in Congress doing our "Black jobs," she captioned the photo.

2. MAGA is taking 'Black jobs'

A user suggested MAGA supporters were taking away 'Black jobs' (@liberte_ny/X)

One X user shared a meme comparing who actually took away "Black jobs." A part of the meme depicted people working in fields with the caption, "These folks are not taking 'Black Jobs.'" Below that, an image showed a White man and woman wearing the t-shirt with the inscription "BLACKS FOR TRUMP." The meme said, "These folks are definitely taking 'Black Jobs.'"

3. Get to work before a migrant beats you to office

A user hilariously wanted to get to work before migrants snatched the job (@BlueMemeMe/X)

Another funny GIF on X depicted a Black person's hurry to get to work before a migrant "takes away his job". "Good morning ya'll! I guess I better get up and go to work at my black job before a migrant beats me into the office," a netizen captioned the GIF that said, "LET'S GET TO WORK."

4. LinkedIn hunt for 'Black jobs'

A funny reaction indicated LinkedIn might be providing the 'Black jobs' now (@BeMyFiasco/X)

A GIF on X showed the stress of a Black man's job hunting, and the user quipped in the caption, "Me searching for the "black jobs" on LinkedIn tomorrow."

5. 'Black jobs' in fields

Donald Trump apparently meant Blacks were meant to work in fields (@AskDrAnti0nette/X)

An X user definitely got an idea of what kind of jobs Trump was referring to. The social media user posted a GIF of a group of men and women working in a field. "Trump: 'Biden took away Black Jobs.' The Black jobs he referring to:" the caption read. Once they turn their heads, it is shown that every worker belongs to the Black community.

6. A NAACP-ish stare

A meme featuring Martin Luther King Jr also trolled Donald Trump's comment (@Dr_Gamble21/X)

A shocked user on X reacted with a meme of Martin Luther King Jr having a "NAACP-ish" stare, referring to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). 

7. Trump turning Black voters into 'bitter' MAGA White voters

Donald Trump's racist rhetoric might be aimed at turning Black supporters into MAGA voters (@carmenBwifemom/X)

Another user confused by what Trump meant by "Black jobs" hilariously expressed it on X. The caption read, "Trump trying to turn Black voters into bitter maga white voters 'they're taking Black jobs'……what the hell is a Black job??" The user added a funny GIF with a man scratching his head, depicting the confusion.

8. Kamala Harris on her 'Black job'

One X user posted a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris (@kissedbythesun/X)

A user on X trolled Trump's remarks, sharing a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris. The meme showed Harris, the first person of color to be in a vice presidential position in the history of the US, waving hands. "Now look at that, .@VP Harris is showing up to her Black job," the user joked.

9. Sen Tim Scott's White job hunt

Sen Tim Scott's hardcore Trump support was featured in one of the memes (@BlackKnight10k/X)

Sen Tim Scott, a potential VP pick of Trump and a staunch defender of the former president, made it into the meme fest mocking the latter's "Black jobs" remark. A user took to X, sharing an image of the South Carolina Republican standing behind Trump and looking into something before them. The social media user funnily captioned it, "When you trying to escape your Black job and get one of them white jobs."

10. Barack Obama starting 'Black job' as president

One X user funnily suggested Barack Obama's presidency was also a 'Black job' (@flywithkamala/X)

One user trolled Trump's comment with a photo of Barack Obama taking his oath as the first Black president of the United States. "That time Barack Obama took an oath in front of the world before starting a "Black job," read the caption, indicating Black people are meant for prominent positions.

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