Angel Reese reveals the words she whispered into Caitlin Clark's ear after LSU's loss against Iowa

Angel Reese reveals the words she whispered into Caitlin Clark's ear after LSU's loss against Iowa
Angel Reese made it clear that she doesn't have any beef with Caitlin Clark (@angelreese10/Instagram, Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Angel Reese has shared what she whispered in Caitlin Clark's ear after the loss against Iowa in the Elite Eight game. During the highly anticipated March Madness matchup, Iowa secured a 94-87 victory over LSU. 

"She just told me, 'Continue to be a great player.' And I told her, 'Continue to be a great player, as well, and keep elevating the game and go win it,'" said Reese in a postgame press conference, as per the New York Post.

Reese and Clark have previously cleared the rumors about their supposed beef, especially after LSU defeated Iowa in 2023's title game. 

The viral moment of Reese waving her hand in front of Clark's face during the 2023 NCAA Women's Championship brought the Tigers star quite a bit of criticism on a national level. Later, the Hawkeyes player came to the defense of her opponent making the "you can’t see me" gesture. 


Angel Reese makes it clear that there's no animosity between her and Caitlin Clark

On Sunday, Reese elaborated on her relationship with Clark, noting, "I don’t think people realize it’s not personal. Once we get out between those lines, if I see you walking down the street, it’s like, ‘Hey, girl, what’s up? Let’s hang out.’ I think people just take it like we hate each other. Me and Caitlin Clark don’t hate each other."

She explained, "I want everybody to understand that. It’s just a super-competitive game. Once I get between those lines, there’s no friends. I’m going to talk trash to you. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get in your head the whole entire game, but after the game, we can kick it. I don’t think people really realize that."

"That’s fine. I’ll take the villain role. I’ll take the hit for it, but I know we’re growing women’s basketball. If this is the way we’re going to do it, then this is the way we’re going to do it. You either like it or you don’t," added Reese. 

Angel Reese's height has helped in NIL agreements (Angel Reese/Facebook)
Angel Reese said her relationship with Caitlin Clark is 'super competitive'  (Angel Reese/Facebook)

Caitlin Clark overpowered Angel Reese during the LSU-Iowa March Madness matchup

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - MARCH 08: Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes reacts after making a 3-pointer to break the NCAA single season 3-point record for any gender during the second half of a Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament quarter finals game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Penn State Lady Lions at Target Center on March 08, 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark is one of the best-known college basketball players in America (Aaron J Thornton/Getty Images)

In the Monday game, Reese made 17 points and 20 rebounds in 36 minutes before she fouled out with just under two minutes in the fourth quarter.

On the other hand, Clark recorded 41 points, including nine 3-pointers, 12 assists, seven rebounds, two steals and one block. Iowa made it to the Final Four of the tournament.

Clark declared for the 2024 WNBA Draft and is the consensus number-one pick, owned by the Indiana Fever. 

Right now, Reese can either return to LSU for one more year or she can declare for the draft, set to be held on April 15 in Brooklyn. She’s a projected first-round pick.

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