'Whines much as MAGA nuts': Bill Maher and Larry Wilmore roasted after they label Joe Biden's Morehouse speech as 'condescending'

'Whines much as MAGA nuts': Bill Maher and Larry Wilmore roasted after they label Joe Biden's Morehouse speech as 'condescending'
Bill Maher and Larry Wilmore critiqued President Joe Biden's recent speech at Morehouse College, labeling it 'condescending' (Club Random Podcast)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Talk show host Bill Maher and his guest, Comedy Central show host Larry Wilmore, criticized President Joe Biden's recent address to Morehouse College graduates, calling it 'condescending' compared to Barack Obama's speech at the same institution.

During the 'Club Random' podcast, Maher and Wilmore discussed Biden's remarks, with Maher highlighting a stark contrast between Obama's message of hope and Biden's cautionary tone.

Critique of Joe Biden's speech

Wilmore, expressing his disapproval, likened Biden's speech to being "2000-late," suggesting it missed the mark set by Obama's optimistic message that emphasized breaking down barriers and embracing hope without excuses.

Maher concurred, noting the different standards faced by Biden as a White president addressing a predominantly Black audience.

"The difference between Biden's speech and Obama's is night and day," Maher remarked. "Obama’s was all about so many doors have been broken down, you have so many good reasons to hope, and no more excuses, and when it went over way better."

Wilmore added, "I didn’t like it."

(Club Random Podcast)
During the podcast, Larry Wilmore discussed Joe Biden's remarks at Morehouse College (Club Random Podcast)

Maher continued, "Of course, it’s obviously a different standard he’s working from as a Black man speaking at that college, but Biden’s was so just so, I thought, 2000-late."

“It’s condescending,” Wilmore concurred, recalling a similar sentiment he felt towards Al Gore in the 2000 election.

Criticism of Joe Biden's 'you ain't Black' remark

The conversation continued with Maher and Wilmore criticizing Biden for his infamous comment to radio host Charlamagne tha God, where he remarked that "you ain’t Black" if you don’t vote for him. Reflecting on this, Maher labeled Biden's attitude as problematic.

“That is such a bad attitude,” Maher said.


Wilmore recalled his emotional experience hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2016, where he wrote about Obama being the first Black president.

“I live in the world of aspiration, not desperation because I know those things exist,” Wilmore shared. “I’ve talked about them, I make jokes about them, always keep it in perspective of if you want to build something, you don’t want to just put bandaids on things in your life, you also want to build things in your life too, and you build things by being inspired.”

Mixed reactions from social media users

Diverse responses on social media highlight strong opinions on Maher and Wilmore's critique of Joe BIden's speech at Morehouse College.

One user said, "Shocker; two right wing id*ots yell at clouds."

Another added, "Hey Bill and Larry, go f**k yourselves. try to be funny not stupid jerks."

One user replied, "Maher whines just as much as the MAGA nuts."

Another said, "Maher is an expert on being condescending, which is ironic on so many levels."

One user replied, "Abrams loves him some Bill Maher. It's kind of creepy."

Another added, "He actually created a set where he looks like a grandpa sitting around complaining about everyone to his buddy. lol."

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