'Where are the marches for that?' Bill Maher earns support as he urges pro-Palestine protesters to stand up for gender equality instead

'Where are the marches for that?' Bill Maher earns support as he urges pro-Palestine protesters to stand up for gender equality instead
Bill Maher initially complimented the pro-Palestine college protesters only to swiftly turn against them (Real Time)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: On the night of May 30, Bill Maher not only spoke up about the oppression of women in Iran and different regions but also made some surprising comments about the pro-Palestine college protesters. He initially praised the latter for their dedication to a cause larger than themselves only to quickly criticize them for choosing the wrong cause to support.

The 'Real Time' host highlighted that the most significant social justice movement in recent decades has been the fight against apartheid, with Nelson Mandela as a symbol of equality and dignity.


Bill Maher criticizes college protesters for ignoring women's oppression

To begin with, Maher highlighted the oppression of women in different regions, pointing out issues frequently ignored by Western protesters and then contrasting this with students supporting Hamas.

Maher listed numerous ways women are mistreated, starting with the compulsory hijab in many countries, which he said restricts women’s ability to see, hear, or speak freely, suppressing their humanity and spirit.

"If you're out protesting for a couple of hours wearing this, you have to go all the way and spend an afternoon running errands wearing one of these," he quipped, highlighting the need for protesters to fully understand the implications of what they support.

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Bill Maher highlighted the urgency of addressing what he called the 'gender apartheid' (Real Time/YouTube)

He added, "You can't side with the people who ruthlessly oppress women without at least getting a taste of what you're supporting."

Maher recognized the value of youthful idealism but didn't hold back his criticism of the education system and the misguided focus of some young activists.

"I actually admire your youthful idealism; our world would be poorer without it, however, like your parents who just wasted $200,000 on that ignorance factory you call a college," he quipped.

Bill Maher condemns gender oppression worldwide, highlights Yasmin Muhammad's story

Maher then turned his attention to what he sees as a more urgent issue: gender apartheid.

"You want a cause? I've got one for you: apartheid. Yes, apartheid—the very thing you've been protesting against in Israel for months, despite the fact that Israeli Arabs are actually full citizens," he stated.

He continued, "Hundreds of millions of women are treated worse than second-class citizens. When you mandate that one category of human beings don't even have the right to show their face, that's apartheid. And it goes on in a lot of countries."

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Bill Maher also brought attention to the story of Yasmin Muhammad, a human rights activist who was forced to wear the niqab by her fundamentalist husband (Real Time/YouTube)

Maher further underscored the human rights abuses in Iran, referencing Amnesty International's report on the government's war on women, which includes "constant surveillance, beatings, sexual violence, and detention. What P Diddy calls a hotel stay."

He also highlighted the story of Yasmin Muhammad, a human rights activist forced to wear the niqab by her fundamentalist husband.

"Yasmin Muhammad ... got married off to a Muslim man with fundamentalist views about women ... Here's what Yasmin said about veiling: 'It just suppresses your humanity entirely. It's like a portable sensory deprivation chamber, and you are no longer connected to humanity," Maher said before concluding. 

Netizens thank Bill Maher for acknowledging the reality 

Bill Maher gained widespread support for being vocal about the pressing issues facing Iranian women and the gender apartheid. 

One viewer said, "As a Iranian, I really appreciate what Bill is doing. shedding light on what's happening In Iran. Yes, there is an ongoing war against Iranian women and men who do not want to conform to radicalism, Islamism and fundamentalism dictated by the government."

Another wrote, "Maher doesn't always get it right, but he does here. The treatment of women by middle eastern men is disgusting. Where are the marches for that?"

One viewer noted, "This is right. I'm so angry that the women in my home country of Iran are suffering. Thank you for bringing sanity to this argument."

A follower observed, "The cry in the wilderness from women across the globe is; THANK YOU BILL FOR ACKNOWLEDGING OUR PLIGHT."

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(Real Time/YouTube)

One comment read, "Now this is the Bill Maher I want. This is facts."

Another comment read, "Gender apartheid. Been saying that for years. That might be your best social justice New Rule ever Bill. Way to go."

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(Real Time/YouTube)

"Thank you Bill… there is a profound lack of critical inquiry/analysis among those who are outraged about the Gaza/Isreal situation… so important to look at the deeper issues," explained one person. "Probably the most important 10 minutes of television of the decade," one comment read. 

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