Breann Leath: Elliahs Dorsey gets 40 years in prison for killing Indianopolis cop, attempted murder of GF

Breann Leath: Elliahs Dorsey gets 40 years in prison for killing Indianopolis cop, attempted murder of GF
Elliahs Dorsey sentenced for fatally shooting Breann Leath who responded to domestic violence call on April 9, 2020 (IMPD)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised.

INDIANPOLIS, UNITED STATES: A mentally ill man convicted in the death of an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer, Breann Leath, has been handed a 40-year sentence. 

Elliahs Dorsey's sentence may see a reduction if he undergoes mental health treatment, with the possibility of suspending 15 years of his prison term upon compliance with treatment and medication. 

Additionally, Dorsey received a 25-year prison term and 15 years of probation for the attempted murder of his girlfriend Aisha Brown, Fox 59 reported.

Elliahs Dorsey is sentenced for killing Breann Leath

On Thursday, police officers and relatives of Breann Leath provided hours of testimony in court, advocating for a substantial prison term for Dorsey. Ultimately, Judge Mark Stoner imposed a 40-year sentence on Dorsey, with several conditions requiring him to undergo mental health treatment. 

Judge Stoner noted that he believed Dorsey showed remorse and grasped the extent of the harm he caused. 

The judge expressed hope that Leath's loved ones could begin the healing process following the sentencing, focusing on fond memories of her rather than solely on her tragic death. 

"I don’t think Breann… would want the family to tear itself apart over its grief," Stoner remarked. 

"To honor her… you need to move forward," he added.

How did officers react after Elliahs Dorsey’s sentencing?

Chief Chris Bailey of the IMPD expressed deep disappointment with Dorsey's sentencing, stating it falls short of delivering the justice that Officer Leath, her son, and her family deserve. 

Bailey noted that Dorsey also attempted to kill other officers and Brown.

Bailey concluded his statements by upholding the values of Leath, “Let us all honor her memory by upholding the values she lived by – integrity, bravery, compassion, and courage”

He added, “Officer Leath will always be in our minds and our hearts. She is the epitome of a true hero, and I challenge you to 'Be like Bre', every day.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett, a former federal prosecutor, acknowledged his respect for the justice system but expressed shock and profound disappointment with the court's decision as the mayor of Indianapolis. 

He emphasized his role as a father and a member of the community in his statement.

Hogsett concluded, “In this moment, Indianapolis once again mourns the loss of a model police officer and young mom taken cruelly from the city that she loved so much she sought to protect it. As a community, let us take this moment to reaffirm our commitment to uplifting Officer Breann Leath’s young son, her family, and the men and women who served alongside her at IMPD, and to holding accountable anyone who threatens our city’s peace.”

Breann Leath was fatally shot by Elliahs Dorsey after she responded to domestic violence call

Breann Leath, aged 24, along with three other officers, responded to a domestic violence call involving Dorsey on April 9, 2020, at the Wellington Square Apartments.

Additionally, the distress call from a woman seeking assistance to remove Dorsey from her apartment. Although the caller mentioned Dorsey's peculiar behavior, she did not inform dispatchers about the presence of a firearm.

Upon Leath's arrival at the apartment door, Dorsey opened fire multiple times, resulting in her death. 

Dorsey claimed he acted out of fear for his safety, believing that the woman had summoned individuals to harm him. However, it was Leath and the other officers who were at the door.

Dorsey also expressed fear because the officers did not identify themselves as members of the IMPD and did not knock on the door.

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