California school board member Jason Vassar who claims to be the ‘messiah’ detained after making chilling threats

California school board member Jason Vassar who claims to be the ‘messiah’ detained after making chilling threats
Jason Vassar, a school board trustee in Belleview Elementary School, allegedly made chilling threats (

SONORA, CALIFORNIA: Jason Vassar is a school board trustee in Belleview Elementary School in Tuolumne County, California, who claimed to be the 'messiah' and made a series of scary threats before being arrested for a mental health evaluation.

The 50-year-old allegedly made racist and anti-government remarks, alluded to killing children, and claimed to be God's executioner. That being said, he made no personal threats.

Manifestos titled 'Homework', purportedly authored by Vassar, are included in court documents.

Shortly after leaving a meeting on October 30, 2023, Jason is reported to have turned them in to Belleview Elementary School Superintendent and Principal Carmel Portillo.

As a result, school administrators obtained a restraining order against him and began the process of removing him from his position.

What happened in October?

As per  'DailyMail', on October 30, Principal Portillo arranged a meeting with Vassar to discuss school board matters and inquire about his mental health.

However, during the meeting, Vassar claimed that he was "the messiah chosen by God" to bring about the end of the world.

According to court documents, Vassar later sent emails to the principal and another administrator, which included 93 pages of comments on various topics such as the coronavirus pandemic, the Antichrist, and biblical references.

“I was kind of shocked to read in Revelations that I was going to be executioner for God and kill your children,” he allegedly wrote. 

“I’m going to tear this planet apart starting with my home town, Sonora,” he added.

He explicitly said, “I’m going to kill these communists or socialists or whatever the f**k these cultists think they are. You are s**t on my boot that I am washing off, again.”

“If anyone threatens my children, I will kill them in the most gruesome way I can think of, including corrupt government agencies that have illegally been f***ing with me because they think no one would ever set up the FBI with a sting,” he penned.

What happened after Vassar’s open threat to exterminate children?

The educational institution initiated legal proceedings requesting a temporary restraining order against Vassar, citing his written works as evidence of his paranoid tendencies.

The institution expressed concerns that Vassar could be susceptible to believing in a "covert plot" aimed at restricting his presence at the school.

As a result, the restraining order stipulated that Vassar must not approach the school's premises or interact with students, staff, or other facilities within 1,000 feet of the campus, including the county Superintendent of Schools office's facilities.

Additionally, Vassar was required to relinquish his firearms to the police. In response to the restraining order, Vassar left a voicemail to a staff member at 11.30 pm on November 4 in which he used profanity and wished ill will, saying, “F**k you… I hope you win the lottery and die the next day.”

Subsequently, the institution sent a letter to staff and parents on November 6 informing them of the situation.

Vassar was later placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold in accordance with California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5150.

An updated letter was sent to staff and families on November 13, indicating that Vassar remained under detention and was being monitored.

Moreover, the letter disclosed that a court hearing scheduled for November 28 would consider the possibility of a permanent injunction.

Superintendent-Principal Portillo confirmed that the district had initiated the process to remove Vassar from the school board through the Attorney General’s Office.

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