'Call it LunaTick!' Internet jokes after NASA given 'pointless' mission of creating time zone for moon

'Call it LunaTick!' Internet jokes after NASA given 'pointless' mission of creating time zone for moon
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WASHINGTON, DC: The White House have decided it's time to set up a time zone for the moon. NASA has also been asked to create a special clock for the moon but not everyone's thrilled about this idea.

Some social media users think it's a total waste of their tax dollars. White House has been stirring up trouble constantly recently.

White House tasks NASA with mission to make time zones for moon

NASA is on a mission to crack the code of moon time. They're giving Earth's natural satellite its very own clock.

The lunar time zone will be nothing like the time zones that people on Earth are used to. The mission is more about creating a whole new time reference system just for the moon, because time moves a bit differently there.

Due to the moon's lower gravity, each day on the lunar surface is about 58.7 microseconds shorter compared to Earth. The White House recently gave NASA the green light to team up with other international space agencies and hash out this new lunar time system.

Kevin Coggins, an official at NASA handling communication and navigation, explained, “An atomic clock on the moon will tick at a different rate than a clock on Earth. It makes sense that when you go to another body, like the moon or Mars that each one gets its own heartbeat.”

Everything on the moon will be according to this sped-up moon time, according to Coggins, and daylight saving time is not a part of the lunar agenda.

The White House has set a deadline for NASA to come up with a rough plan by the end of the year and nail down the final details by 2026. NASA's got its sights set on sending astronauts to the lunar orbit in September 2025 and touching down on the moon's surface just a year later.

Internet users say White House is wasting the taxpayers' money

A user wrote, "Id like my tax dollars back. What a pointless use of “time” and money."


Another user wrote, "NASA wants to waste money and put a giant clock on the moon. American taxpayers fund this dumb s**t. Imagine how many homeless get to look up and see the f*****g clock though. LMAO Insanity."


A user commented, "Sounds like a waste of taxpayer $$"


Another user commented, "So #NASA wants the moon to have it's own time (clock)? Let's call it the LunaTick!"


A user stated, "Stop it."


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