‘Concerning’: Internet slams Delta Airlines as stowaway caught sneaking into flight after clicking pic of stranger’s boarding pass

‘Concerning’: Internet slams Delta Airlines as stowaway caught sneaking into flight after clicking pic of stranger’s boarding pass
A passenger is caught trying to sneak into flight after snapping a pic of stranger’s boarding pass (SLC department of airports)

AUSTIN, TEXAS: According to federal authorities, a Texas man allegedly used a screenshot of a passenger's boarding card to sneak onto a Delta Airlines flight in Salt Lake City. He was only discovered because the aircraft was fully packed and he had nowhere to sit, per Fox News

Wicliff Yves Fleurizard of George, Texas, was arrested for stowing away on an aircraft has been issued, based on a police affidavit submitted to a federal district court.

What did Wilcliff Fleurizard do? 

Security footage from Salt Lake City's Department of Airports shows Fleurizard chatting with a male passenger beside him as groups were called to board the Austin-bound plane on March 17.

Fleurizard is seen taking out his smartphone and taking a picture as the man gets up and unfolds his folded pass. Then he gives the man a handshake and gets in line to board the aircraft. Fleurizard did not lock the restroom door after spending a 'significant amount of time' there. As more people filed in, he proceeded to the restroom located at the rear of the aircraft, according to the records.

As the plane started to taxi down the runway, he informed a flight attendant that he was supposed to be in seat 21F, but that seat was already occupied by a girl who has flying alone.

The flight attendant determined that the girl was a ticketed passenger, and that Fleurizard's name didn't pop up in records for the flight "or any other Delta flight for that matter," according to the document.

The aircraft was compelled to land back at the gate, where Fleurizard was being held by Salt Lake City Police officers. Fleurizard received a buddy card for Southwest Airlines from a friend, but the affidavit states that both the day before and the second trip on March 17 were full. He was put on a another flight later that day. Fleurizard said he was rushing to meet family members who were coming to his Texas home from Florida after spending time snowboarding in Utah.

"Fleurizard admitted he had made a mistake and was only trying to get home," a Salt Lake City Police officer wrote in their affidavit. 

Internet reacts to incident 

Several social media users reacted on the incident, with a facebook user writing, "Where's the security." A user wrote, "the security of the delta airline should be hold responsible for not caring out their duties properly." 

Another user wrote, "When I fly my boarding pass is treated as my ID or financial info. Kept private until needed to board plane." 

A user wrote, "How did he even get to the gate without a ticket?" 

Another user said, "How did he get through security without a boarding pass?" A user said, "poor security."

Another user wrote, "This is a concerning and troubling incident. It is a serious violation of privacy for passengers to have their boarding passes photographed without their consent. Additionally, stowing away on a plane poses a significant security risk and should not be taken lightly. It is important

for authorities to thoroughly investigate this incident and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future." 

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