Democrats mocked as late congressman Donald Payne Jr wins New Jersey primary, trolls say ‘he’ll govern better than live ones’

Democrats mocked as late congressman Donald Payne Jr wins New Jersey primary, trolls say ‘he’ll govern better than live ones’
Donald Payne Jr won the New Jersey Democratic primary election on June 4 even though he died on April 24, 2024 (Getty Images)

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES: Democratic voters in New Jersey's 10th Congressional District have nominated a beloved candidate who is no longer alive.

Congressman Donald Payne Jr, 65, who had held this seat for over a decade, won the primary on Tuesday, June 4, despite having died on April 24 from a heart attack.

Donald Payne Jr died after filing deadline for primary had passed

Payne Jr, a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus, was running unopposed in the Democratic primary, making his posthumous victory a certainty under New Jersey’s election rules. State regulations prohibit replacing a candidate on the ballot after the filing deadline has passed, leaving Payne Jr’s name as the sole contender, according to the Washington Examiner.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the situation in New Jersey’s deeply Democratic 10th District, which includes Newark and parts of Essex, Hudson, and Union counties, will change soon as preparations are underway for a special primary election scheduled for July 16.

The winner of this primary is expected to secure a decisive win in the special general election on September 18, thereby completing the late congressman's term, which ends in January.

Concurrently, Democratic committee members in the district will convene a meeting to select a new candidate for the November 5 general election. This candidate will assume office in January and serve until the end of 2027.

11 Democrats announce candidacy for special election in NJ's 10th district

Eleven Democratic candidates have already announced their intentions to run in the special election. These include Newark City Council President LaMonica McIver, Rutgers law professor Eugene Mazo, East Orange Councilwoman Brittany Claybrooks, and Hudson County Commissioner Jerry Walker.

On the Republican side, only Carmen Bucco has filed to run, though the district’s strong Democratic leanings make a GOP victory highly improbable. The 10th District has not elected a Republican to Congress since 1946, and Democratic nominees have consistently secured over 75% of the vote for the past two decades.

Payne Jr’s death marks the end of a political legacy that began with his father, Donald Milford Payne, who was the first Black congressman from New Jersey, serving from 1989 until his death in 2012. Following his father's passing, Payne Jr took over the seat and continued to serve the district until his untimely death.

Internet reacts as Democrats elect late congressman Donald Payne Jr

Social media users quickly flocked to various platforms as late congressman Donald Payne won the primary.

A user tweeted, "Makes sense. Dead people vote for Democrats, they might as well elect dead people to represent them."

Another said, "He wil govern better than the live ones."

A third mocked, "Finally... a politician that can do no harm!!!"

A user added, "A Broken system."

"Finally, as a Republican, a Democrat I can support," another chimed. 

"He probably is more alert and articulate than the POTUS," read a comment. 

"So, the 2020 playbook again?" questioned a user.

"Why so shocking? We have a dead man in the White House," penned a tweet. 

A user tweeted, "Not the first time Democrats have elected dead people and it wont be the last."












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