Donasia Holloway: Woman's video of ex-BF stalking her minutes before he fatally shoots her lands killer in jail

Donasia Holloway: Woman's video of ex-BF stalking her minutes before he fatally shoots her lands killer in jail
Justin Cole Carroll was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the 2021 murder of Donasia Alexus Holloway (14th Circuit Solicitor, Live5news/screengrab)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised.

WALTERBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA: Justin Cole Carroll was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday, April 24, after prosecutors released a Snapchat video showing him stalking her outside her apartment building just seven minutes before the murder.

Adding context, Carroll committed the murder on May 22, 2021 while out on bail for a charge of domestic violence against her.

According to prosecutors' reports, Donasia Alexus Holloway had warned him to stop stalking her after ending their relationship.

Justin Cole Carroll sentenced to 60 years

As per the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office, a jury at Colleon County General Sessions Court convicted Justin Cole Carroll of the 2021 murder of Donasia Alexus Holloway. 

He received a prison sentence of 60 years. 

Hunter Swanson, representing the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office and prosecuting the case, stated, “Donasia tried to end this toxic relationship, and she tried to protect herself from her ex-boyfriend’s jealous rage."

He added, "But Justin Carroll refused to take no for an answer. He ignored a no-contact order, stalked her and killed her.”

Donasia Holloway was killed amid no contact order 

Donasia Holloway and Justin Carroll were in a relationship for several months in 2020, but she ended it after Carroll was charged with domestic assault against her in January 2021. 

Following the charges, a judge issued a no-contact order between Carroll and Holloway. 

Notably, on May 22, 2021, as Holloway returned home from a beach vacation shortly after 10 pm, Carroll followed her into the parking lot of the Forest Point Apartment complex where she lived. 

Upon noticing Carroll's truck and fearing for her safety, she quickly recorded a video while locking herself inside her silver Lexus. Subsequently she posted the recorded video to Snapchat. 

This video was recorded seven minutes before the fatal shooting of Donasia Alexus Holloway and depicted Carroll stalking her outside her building. 

Prosecutors shared texts that accompanied the recorded video of Holloway, "Followed me to my apt and I saw him behind me & locked myself in the car, I have asked him multiple times to leave me alone, trying not to be fed but this has to stop!!" 

The video captured her ex-boyfriend approaching the vehicle. Additionally, security cameras recorded Carroll walking toward the car just before multiple gunshots were fired. 

An officer residing in the complex also heard the shots and witnessed Holloway lying dead in the front seat of her silver Lexus.

Justin Carroll arrested two days after killing Donasia Holloway

After the murder, witnesses spotted Carroll in the area. Walterboro Police swiftly located Carroll within hours of the incident, and initially, he agreed to be interviewed. 

However, when asked more specific questions, he ended the interview, stating he wouldn't provide further answers without a lawyer present.

During this time, authorities lacked enough evidence to charge him, as they couldn't locate the weapon used in the crime. 

Two days later, he was apprehended after a Snapchat video from Holloway's phone surfaced.

Subsequent laboratory tests disclosed gunshot residue on Carroll's right hand, and analysis of his cellphone revealed it had been wiped clean after the murder. Additionally, he attempted to alter his appearance by shaving his head.

At the Colleton County Courthouse, prosecutors summoned 16 witnesses over three days of testimony. 

Carroll had a criminal record, including a 2016 conviction in Charleston for first-degree assault and battery. Initially given 8 years probation, it was revoked following subsequent arrests and convictions for unlawful possession of a pistol and controlled substance. 

Carroll was sentenced to three years in prison and had recently been released when he became involved with Holloway.

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