'Even in the dark, she grows': Holly Willoughby in high-spirit amid TV comeback with 'Dancing on Ice'

'Even in the dark, she grows': Holly Willoughby in high-spirit amid TV comeback with 'Dancing on Ice'
Holly Willoughby, 42, was away from television for months before returning last week (@hollywilloughby/Instagram)

LONDON, UK: Holly Willoughby is loving her return to the small screen with the ‘Dancing on Ice’ show. The TV personality has been away for some time after leaving ‘This Morning’ in October.

She was scared to continue after knowing of an alleged plot to kidnap her and murder her.


Holly Willoughby shares optimism amid her TV comeback

Holly, who manages the lifestyle brand Wylde Moon, shared a post on Instagram, stating, "The moonflower now symbolizes blooming during challenging times."

It further read, “These fragrant, white flowers have evolved over millions of years to open only at night and their ethereal, nocturnal beauty is a powerful symbol of how resilience, strength, and growth can flourish during the darkest and most challenging moments.”

The Sun reported that the 42-year-old also re-shared the post on her personal Instagram account Stories, and added, “Even in the dark... she grows... nature is beautiful.”


Who will co-host the show with Willoughby?

On Sunday, January 14, the star appeared on 'Dancing on Ice' alongside co-host Stephen Mulhern, filling in for Philip Schofield.

“Holly is a star and everyone was so very much hoping that she would decide to come back. After many discussions and a lot of thought, she thought that getting some normality into her life would be a good thing,” an ITV insider told DailyMail.

“There are obvious worries about going on live television, her main priority is her family, ITV has been hugely understanding and has not put any pressure on her at all.”

The source further said, “They wanted to give her all of the time she needed but it has been a rough decision for her. Time was ticking but the bosses were trying to remain calm.”

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Meanwhile, expert Nick Ede told the publication, "Having her back on our screens establishes her as a leading broadcaster in the UK. It felt like it was her show - she owned the rink."

"She's not Queen of daytime TV anymore - it looks like she's Queen of primetime. It felt like Holly had somehow matured and I can see her branching into more serious stuff now."

It further said, "She's always been able to do light entertainment with serious topics on This Morning and I can now see her doing documentaries or big sit-down interviews with stars, which would be really compelling viewing."

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