Fox News analyst Gregg Jarett says ‘hyper-biased’ Juan Merchan desperate to find Trump guilty in hush money case

Fox News analyst Gregg Jarett says ‘hyper-biased’ Juan Merchan desperate to find Trump guilty in hush money case
Gregg Jarrett accused Judge Juan Merchan of extreme bias against Donald Trump in hush-money case (Screengrab/Fox News)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Legal analyst Gregg Jarrett joined the co-hosts on 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the criminal hush-money trial of Donald Trump, as the former President made his way down to the New York courthouse for the opening statements on Monday, April 22.

Weighing in on the proceedings and the parties involved, Jarrett accused Judge Juan Merchan of being extremely biased against the former President as he did not recuse himself from the case even with immediate family having a vested interest in the outcome.

Donald Trump (Getty Images)
Opening statements for Donald Trump's New York hush money trial case were heard on Monday, April 22, 2024 (Getty Images)

Gregg Jarrett slams 'hyper-biased' Judge Juan Merchan

While responding to co-host Ainsley Earhardt's question on whether the gag order on Donald Trump, that prevents him from making public statements about parties involved in the trial, extends to his family, Jarett brought up the subject of Judge Merchan's daughter and her plausible influence on the future of the case.

"This judge was required under the code of judicial conduct to recuse himself ... because his immediate family member, his adult daughter, has a financial and economic interest in the outcome of her dad's case," he said.

"In fact, through her Democrat consulting organization, she and her clients had been fundraising in solicitation emails by citing the Trump prosecution in New York over which her dad presides. And they have (reportedly) raised ... some $93 million and the amount is continuing," continued Jarrett.

"So if you read the code, it says, a family member to the sixth degree who has a financial interest - that requires the judge to recuse. Here it's the first degree. It's his grown daughter. He should have disqualified himself, but the fact that he has refused to do so despite repeated requests suggests to me that this is a guy who is hyper-biased against Trump. He is determined to find him guilty," he added.


Internet reacts to Gregg Jarrett calling out Judge Juan Merchan

The internet responding to Jarrett's statement on YouTube sided with him against Judge Merchan.

"The judge's daughter should have a lawsuit against her for 'profiteering' on Trump's case!!!" exclaimed a viewer.

"We were just sick of these judges!! They should all be convicted of not being fair and going based on politics rather than really doing their job the fair way!!!" wrote another.


"This is so wrong the judge should be disbarred for bias," observed a fourth.

"Hopefully, this will go to the Supreme Court where Trump will be vindicated..." expressed a fifth viewer.

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