Internet praises Fantasia Barrino's husband as singer says he is 'first person' who called her beautiful

'Glad they’re so happy': Internet praises Fantasia Barrino's husband Kendall Taylor as singer says he is 'first person' who called her beautiful
Fantasia Barrino calls her husband Kendall Taylor her 'soulmate' (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Fantasia Barrino, 39, who at present is reeling at the success of her critically acclaimed film 'The Color Purple', shares that she has never been called "beautiful" before her husband of eight years, Kendall Taylor made her feel so.

During a recent interview with People, the 'American Idol Season 3' winner candidly opened up about her special equation with her 'soulmate' husband.

Barrino recently got a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Celie - a downtrodden Black woman in the 1920s who finds her voice through the help of other women.

In the interview, Barrino recounted the episode as her husband gave her the good news of her nomination.

'My husband's been in the trenches with me'

Recounting the time she called home, Barrino narrated, "My husband picked up and it sounded like a bunch of screaming, The first thing I thought was that something [bad] had happened, so I immediately hung up to prepare myself," before adding, "I called back like, 'Babe, you have to tell me what's wrong,' and he's like 'Tasia, you just got nominated for a Golden Globe!' I literally started crying. Like, the ugly cry."

She continued to narrate about her similarity with Celie and said, "Celie and I have a lot in common when it comes to family situations, losing things and feeling ugly and unseen."

However, her husband of eight years has helped her to heal to some extent, as she admitted, "My husband's been in the trenches with me," before explaining, "He came into my life and was the first person that ever called me beautiful and a queen every day, even when I felt like I didn't look good or my hair was all over my head."

She also shares her two-year-old daughter Keziah with her husband. She added that getting the news from her husband made it even more special, 

Barrino noted, "It means a lot to share this moment with him. He's invested so much into my life and I feel like he's my soulmate."

She also recounted the time when they first watched the movie as she said, "my husband went with me and he ended up grabbing my shoulders and whispering in my ear, "I'm going to have to catch myself. I'm about to cry."

She continued, "My husband and I are both in therapy and there was parts of the film that touched him. This movie is a healer."

'That's why he's the husband'

Internet was impressed with Fantasia's admission of her husband being her soulmate as they showered the couple with love and best wishes.

One of the fans said, "Awww that makes me feel sad that no one had called her that prior. Everyone deserves to hear they are beautiful! Everyone is beautiful to someone. They are a cute couple."

Another fan gushed, "I love her. I’m glad they’re so happy." Someone else added, "But she is so very beautiful, and talented   I’m a fan!!"

"You are absolutely gorgeous, God does not create , unless it's beautiful. You're amazing voice, keep singing,  . Your hubby is a very lucky man. Hugs," said another fan.

Someone else reflected, "You are a beautiful young lady, always thought that about you from American idol days. It also seems that you have the spirit that goes along with that. You are unique and genuine, may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you genuine."

"Girl: you’re a beautiful and talented person. You don’t need a man to tell you that. But it’s great that you are happy. You’re beaming.," said another social media user.

"This is her year!!! She’s not only Beautiful but her talent is exquisite," declared another fan.

"She says this man prays for her … and they both are in therapy wow … he really is her soulmate   Ciara & fantasia need to tell me their prayer !!" commented another. 

Another social media user said, "He loves her and treat her like a queen she is, per her interviews. Happy for her!"

Someone else explained, "And that's why he's the husband. The other guys before him should be ashamed of themselves, she's very beautiful inside and out."

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