'Great save!' Fans cheer Luke Bryan as he responds to nasty fall onstage with funny comeback joke

'Great save!' Fans cheer Luke Bryan as he responds to nasty fall onstage with funny comeback joke
Luke Bryan had a nasty fall after he slipped on a fan's cell phone during a concert (@lukebryan/Instagram, Screenshot/TMZ)

VANCOUVER, CANADA: The Internet is gushing praise over country music sensation Luke Bryan as he turned a nasty fall and mishap into a moment of comedy during his recent performance at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver.

Bryan experienced an unexpected fall that quickly became the highlight of the evening, while the social media users lauded him for handling the situation. 

What happened to Luke Bryan? 

The 47-year-old 'Crash My Party' singer was performing at Vancouver’s Coast City Country Festival when he suffered an accidental fall on stage. 

In the clip obtained by TMZ, Bryan smiled and sat up right away, appearing unharmed. It looked as though a fan's cell phone had made its way onto the stage and triggered the collapse.


"Hold up! Did anybody get that?" The country music artist, still clutching the cellphone that most likely precipitated the fall, asked the audience while on his knees. He gave the phone to an unidentified fan, who probably offered him an apology. "It's okay," he told the person before jokingly adding, "My lawyer will be calling." 

"I gotta see it," Bryan said from on his knees, grabbing another fan's cellphone that was offered to him from the crowd. "Oh, you're Snapchatting, you can't Snapchat this sh**" he continued, taking the phone and presenting the clip to the crowd.

The 'Play It Again' singer replayed the footage of his fall for the audience to see,in which he resembled a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. He said, "There I am, there we go, jumping, jumping, hyping the crowd... There it is." 

In a video uploaded on X, the country singer previously stumbled while dancing to one of his tunes while wearing slim jeans during his Raised Up Right Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2022.


Bryan had fallen off the stage a few years ago while he was performing in North Carolina after getting a little too near to the edge. TMZ was able to acquire footage of the 2014 event at the time.

Bryan is in Canada amid his Mind of a Country Boy tour, which concludes its first leg on Wednesday, April 24, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Internet says Luke Bryan handled the fall like a pro

Several users on social media lauded Bryan for handling his fall perfectly. A Facebook user wrote, "It's all fun and games.... until ya break a hip." A user wrote, "He didnt make that awkward." 

Another user wrote, "He still acted classy." The next user wrote, "Still love him." 

A user wrote, "LOVE that man. Even falling, he stayed classy. Love you Luke Bryan." A user said, "Thats a great way to handle the situation, props to luke!" 

A user wrote, "Love that guy! My favorite performer." The next user said, "Kudos for laughing at himself! Hope he's Ok…as we get older, we dont bounce very well!."

While a user wrote, "He is a great man." 

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