Gypsy-Rose Blanchard’s new Lifetime docuseries gets panned online, trolls ask ‘why does she need another show?’

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard’s new Lifetime docuseries gets panned online, trolls ask ‘why does she need another show?’
Gypsy Rose Blanchard shared a preview of her new docuseries but the response from fans wasn't what she had probably expected (Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Gypsy-Rose Blanchard’s latest reality series is releasing in June, but the internet is not impressed.

Recently, Blanchard shared a preview of her upcoming docuseries ‘Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup’ on her Instagram, which left many social media users unimpressed.

The docuseries, premiering on June 3 on Lifetime, will be exploring her life after prison. The former inmate and victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Blanchard would be sharing her life with her fans, per People.

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard’s love life to be explored in documentary

In the preview posted on social media on May 28, Blanchard is seen asking her now-estranged husband, Ryan Anderson, "Are you happy?"

While Anderson responds, "I'm very happy," Blanchard confesses, "I just think that I would be happier somewhere else."

Blanchard married Anderson in 2022 when she was serving a prison sentence for her involvement in her mother’s death. Even after her release from prison in December 2023, the couple were together.

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However, after much conjecture, Blanchard filed for divorce from Anderson in April 2024. Meanwhile, she also sparked rumors that she has rekindled her romance with former fiance, Ken Urker.

The preview also mentions Urker as in one instance, Anderson tells Blanchard, "Go call Ken.”

He later added, "You're probably already talking to him anyway."

In another segment, the viewers can see Anderson and Blanchard driving in a car when Blanchard receives a text message. 

As Anderson asks her who it is from, Blanchard says "I don't care," to which Anderson replies, "Delete it then."

Blanchard says defensively, "I don't want to be controlled," before adding, "You're mad at me because I confided in someone."

The camera further pans to Anderson who is then heard saying while crying, "I need to have faith that she will always come back."

Later, Blanchard ultimately admits, "I'm going to want a divorce," before she goes ahead to hug Urker.

Recently, in a series of Instagram posts, Blanchard has admitted her feelings for Urker.

In one such post, she wrote, "@kenurker I love you with all of my heart. ❤️."

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She continued, "Every moment with you brings happiness that I never knew could be possible. We have a bright future ahead of us. I can only hope that I bring the same joy to your life. I have loved you from the moment we shared our first kiss back in 2017 and in that moment my heart had unknowingly been gifted to you. Without my control I had given you my whole trust, love and future because from that day forward no one else could ever compare to the love we share.❤️."

She also claimed not to be a "celebrity" in a recent post. 

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Lifetime documentary meets harsh criticism

Fans were not happy with the preview and they left no stone unturned to convey their displeasure.

One of the social media users commented on her love life as shown on the preview, "I mean she definitely should have never gotten with Ryan or married him & led him on while she was still in love with Ken smh …."

Someone else indirectly criticized her, saying, "Only real one in this documentary is Ryan."

Another enraged fan lashed out, "You got that right. I am not watching Lifetime till they take her so called series off the air. Someone needs to start a petition or something to get Lifettime to stop supporting her. There are real survivors and she is not one."

Someone else pointed out her recent Instagram post about not wanting attention, saying, "She’s still all about that attention. And I think it’s crazy people are giving it to her. Why does she need another show?"

"Gypsy is messy, it’s a REALLY good thing for her that most people have just watched her sensationalized TV shows and don’t know how much she’s actually lied to the masses," commented someone else.

Another fan called out the network, saying, "You're newest story is disgusting lifetime, she feels no remorse for leaving Ryan and making comments on his tiktok. How dare you believe that she is 'devasted' divorcing Ryan."

Another fan shared, "This whole preview does NOT paint you in a good light at all Gypsy 😮."

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