Internet in splits as Hillary Clinton's Broadway musical interrupted by 'radical, queer' protesters

'That was the cast': Internet in splits as Hillary Clinton's Broadway musical interrupted by 'radical, anti-racist, queer' protesters
Hillary Clinton-produced Broadway show 'Suffs: The Musical' was briefly disrupted on July 2 (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: On July 2, a group of self-identified "radical" protesters interrupted Hillary Clinton's feminist Broadway musical about American suffragettes, accusing it of "whitewashing" history.

'Suffs: The Musical', co-produced by former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is described on its website as a production that "brings to life a complicated chapter in the ongoing battle for the right to vote: the American women’s suffrage movement," and "boldly explores the victories and failures of a fight for equality that is still far from over."

Protesters claimed on their website that Hillary Clinton-produced 'Suffs' 'betrays the future of feminism' (Getty Images)

Footage from cellphones showed protesters unfurling a banner that read, "SUFFS IS A WHITE WASH" and chanting, "’Suffs’ is a White wash! Cancel ‘Suffs!’" from a high balcony seating near the main stage, during the performance on July 2. 

The banner prominently displayed the URL of the group's anti-'Suffs' website, which criticized 'Suffs' for purportedly presenting a White, biased, and potentially harmful version of history under the guise of education 

The website further asserted, "'SUFFS' betrays the future of feminism. We unequivocally oppose this recycled form of white feminism. This protest is organized by an autonomous collective of radical, anti-racist, and queer feminists."

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The protest against the Hillary Clinton co-produced musical reportedly lasted no more than 20 seconds and the show took a brief break (Getty Images)

The disruption at the musical allegedly lasted just under half a minute, prompting a short intermission.

A spokesperson for the production declined to discuss the protest's message, stating, "Throughout the incident at the Music Box Theatre, the safety of all cast, crew, and audience members remained unaffected."

In a similar incident just a few months earlier, another Broadway musical faced its second significant disruption by far-left protesters.

On March 15, during a performance of 'An Enemy of the People', featuring Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli, the show was halted as a climate activist group chanted, "No theater on a dead planet!"

Netizens laugh at Hillary Clinton's Broadway musical disruption

Disruption of Clinton's feminist Broadway musical was met with hilarious reactions from users who even called it sheer karma. 

A particular viewer expressed, "The irony."

Following suit, another observer added, "Ooops!!"

Additionally, a viewer pointed out, "That was the CAST!"

 "Queer Karma," a follower contributed.

A comment underscored, "Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person."

"‘Satchel A**’ would have been a better title for this Broadway show!" another comment echoed. 

An individual elaborated further, saying, "In other words, her staff."









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