'I'm almost hourglass': Sheryl Underwood calls herself 'baby Kardashian' after 100-pound weight loss

'I'm almost hourglass': Sheryl Underwood calls herself 'baby Kardashian' after 100-pound weight loss
'The Talk' co-host Sheryl Underwood opened up about her weight loss journey in a recent interview (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘The Talk’ co-host Sheryl Underwood is gushing about her weight loss journey and her new figure after losing 100 pounds.

During a recent interview with The Messenger, Underwood even compared her new body to that of a Kardashian, a family known for their sculpted bodies.

Sheryl Underwood admits her new body is ‘almost hourglass’

During the interview, the 60-year-old talked about her recent 100-pound weight loss through the use of Wegovy medication.

‘The Bounce Back’ star shared candidly, "I'm about three different sizes because I still got a booty. But here's the bad part — you know how those girls have the hourglass? I'm almost to the hourglass.”

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - MAY 05: Sheryl Underwood attends CBS Daytime Emmy Awards After Party at Pasad
'The Bounce Back’ star Sheryl Underwood has lost almost 100 lbs (Getty Images)

Likening her new body to that of a Kardashian’s, she added, "I'm almost a baby Kardashian. Let me say that. I'm almost a baby Kardashian," before continuing, "My booty is still a 10/12. Above my waist, I'm like 6/8.”

However, she also talked about the problem faced by almost everyone who has gone through a body transformation, saying, “The sad part [is that] all the clothes that you love, you can't wear."

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 12:  (L-R) TV personalities Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim
Sheryl Underwood jokingly said she's 'almost a baby Kardashian' (Getty Images)

Not only did she lose weight, but also her shoe size! She shared, "I've lost shoe sizes. I was wearing [size] eight or nine, and now I'm down below some [size] sevens."

Recalling an experience, she said, "Like one time, my shoe fell off because my foot was little. I was trying to walk out, and my shoe fell off.”

Sheryl Underwood is ‘honest’ about Wegovy’s contribution to weight loss

The comedian, while gushing about her weight loss, talked liberally about the medication that facilitated her in her weight loss journey.

Referring to her being unafraid to talk about Wegovy and its contributions, she shared, "I think I did my job because a lot of people were not being truthful about it.”

Sheryl Underwood lost weight recently (Instagram/@sherylunderwood)
After her recent weight loss, Sheryl Underwood revealed she now goes to the gym to tone her body  (@sherylunderwood/Instagram)

Adding what she perceives many other users of Wegovy say, she mimicked, "'I went to the gym. I just stopped eating carbs.' OK, if that's the story you want to tell, that's cool."

Underwood explained, "I just kept seeing all these people that — one week you look this way, and the next week you look this way — so I felt I had to. Not because I was afraid of it. I wanted to be honest.”

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The ‘ComicView’ star further gushed in favor of the medication saying that it has only helped her, and admitted, “I no longer have to take medicine for diabetes, hypertension, or any high-blood-pressure medicine.”

‘The Beauty Shop’ star shared her present plan and said, "I am now getting in the gym. I want to tone up and shape this body.”

Adding, “So I want people to go on this journey with me. And there are a lot of men and women,” she concluded, “It's people here that I'm like, 'I see you!'"

In an interview with PEOPLE in 2022, she shared her reason for embarking on the journey. "My lab work: diabetic, pre-diabetic, hypertension, all the things that you hear, especially with women," before adding, "I really wanted to get ahead of it."

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