'Incompetent fools': MAGA trolls NY AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron as Trump strikes $175M civil fraud bond deal

'Incompetent fools': MAGA trolls NY AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron as Trump strikes $175M civil fraud bond deal
New York Attorney General Letitia James (L-Top), Judge Arthur Engoron (L-Bottom), Former President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: In a legal saga that seems to unfold with each passing day, former President Donald Trump's legal team struck a deal with state prosecutors on Monday, April 22, securing a staggering $175 million civil fraud bond while his criminal trial commenced nearby.

The agreement, brokered by State Attorney General Letitia James, mandates that the bond be held in a lockbox, ensuring it remains in cash and under the exclusive control of Knight Specialty Insurance Company.

This move comes in response to concerns raised by James regarding Trump's potential control over the funds and the possibility of accruing interest during the appeals process against Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron's $454 million judgment.

Defending the bond

Earlier that day, Trump personally defended the bond outside the criminal trial courtroom, stating that the money was readily accessible and disregarding James's criticisms.

“We put up cash and the number is 175,” he told reporters. “[James] shouldn’t be complaining about the bonding company. The bonding company would be good for it because I put up the money. I have plenty of money to put up.”


Similarly, Don Hankey, owner of Knight Specialty Insurance Company, stood by the bond, though acknowledging unforeseen legal complexities. “We thought it would be an easy procedure that wouldn’t involve other legal problems and it’s not turning out that way,” he said. “We probably didn’t charge enough.”

However, Trump's legal team did not hold back in their criticism of James and the judicial process. Alina Habba, one of Trump's attorneys, chastised James for questioning the bond's legitimacy and quipped about the color of the money not being "green enough" for the attorney general.

“We wasted time,” Habba said. “The judge said he thought money market accounts go down under the amount — he doesn’t understand basic principles of finance."

“The attorney general and that judge realized quickly that they had no idea what they were talking about,” she continued. “We came to an agreement that everything would be the same, we would modify terms, and that was it. This is where your taxpayer dollars are going, America. Right here: witch hunt after witch hunt.”


Another member of Trump's legal team, Christopher Kise, issued a pointed statement asserting Trump's satisfaction with the court's decision regarding the bond's value and its acceptance within the New York court system.

“Despite another flawed and desperate protest by the Attorney General, President Trump is pleased the Court determined the $175 million he posted in cash is worth $175 million, and the bond form in use in the New York court system for a century is, in fact, acceptable,” he said.

The ongoing legal battles are part of Trump's efforts to contest Engoron's judgment in the civil case, which accuses him of financial improprieties.

Meanwhile, his criminal trial, which began concurrently, centers on allegations of illegal payments made to Stormy Daniels to conceal an alleged affair, charges that Trump vehemently denies, the New York Post reported.

Social media reactions

The courtroom drama sparked a wave of reactions on social media after Trump secured the eye-watering bond amount. Critics of James and Engoron took to platforms like X to lambast what they perceived as incompetence and political vendettas. 

"These are the incompetent fools along with Biden and his administration destroying the very fabric of this country," one posted on X.

"Election interference on steroids! Unfortunately for the Democrats, it will win Trump the election!" another gushed.

"[James] just wants to get her hands on Trump Tower. I'm glad the judge slapped her down!" someone else chimed in.

"So what's the next stunt she's going to pull to try and hurt Trump[?]" a comment read.

"Lol these people just can’t win, they keep trying and they keep failing. TRUMP2024!!" another added.






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