'Incredibly disrespectful': Madonna faces online fury after clapping back at fans who sued her for late concert

'Incredibly disrespectful': Madonna faces online fury after clapping back at fans who sued her for late concert
Madonna's attornys allege the concertgoers who sued her for being late enjoyed her concert despite late start (GettyImages)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Madonna has ignited a whirlwind of criticism on social media following her act of calling out concertgoers who accused her of not being punctual and starting her concert three hours late.

Individuals on social media found the 'Material Girl' singer's attitude toward her fans extremely disrespectful.

She also found herself at the helm of excessive scrutiny after she made insensitive comments about a fan and scolded them for being seated at her recent Celebration tour concert in Los Angeles before she realized that the concertgoer was actually in a wheelchair.

Madonna says her fans should know what they are getting into (Madonna/Facebook)

Madonna's lawyers say fans can't expect singer to be punctual

According to reports, Madonna had a fiery response to fans who took legal action against her for her habit of starting concerts late. She argued that they knew what they were getting into and that true fans shouldn't expect punctuality from her.

Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, who attended her Barclays Center concert in Brooklyn, accused Madonna and concert organizers Live Nation of misleading advertising, as she started her performance three hours after the scheduled time. They claimed this was deceptive and unfair, as mentioned by the Daily Mail.

As per the filings obtained by the Daily Mail, Madonna's legal team countered by saying, "No reasonable concertgoer - and certainly no Madonna fan - would expect the headline act at a major arena concert to take the stage at the ticketed event time. Fans got just what they paid for: a full-length, high quality show by the Queen of Pop."

They even pointed out a Facebook post with the caption, "Caught her North American tour opener last night! An homage to NYC! Incredible, as always! I've never missed a Madonna Tour!" by Hadden praising the concert. Madonna's team argued, "In other words, the concert met or exceeded his expectations."

Madonna's attornys throw a jab at the plaintiffs (madonna/Instagram)

The plaintiffs argued that the delay caused them inconvenience, especially those who had work or family responsibilities the next day. Madonna's team dismissed this, saying it wasn't a valid complaint and that staying up late was not a significant injury, as mentioned by the Daily Mail.

They also noted, "The Complaint itself concedes that Madonna fans, like Mr. Hadden, would not expect Madonna to appear onstage at the printed 8:30 p.m. event time, alleging that she has a 'years-long history' of 'arriving several hours late to prior concerts', such that 'Plaintiffs knew or should have known that the Concerts would not start at 8:30 p.m.'

The filing further said, "Reasonable concertgoers also know that concert lengths vary based on numerous factors, such as the duration of the opening act and the artist’s set list for the night. So, they would not reasonably expect the night to end by 10:30 p.m. unless an advertisement or ticket says as much—and none did here."

According to the Daily Mail, while the plaintiffs acknowledged that Madonna had health issues that postponed the original concert dates, they didn't see this as a valid reason for the delay on the night of the concert.

Internet users label Madonna 'rude'

Numerous readers online expressed discontent with Madonna slamming the concertgoers who filed a lawsuit against her, with one writing, "I’m not sitting around for 3 hours to watch anyone play. Hope she loses. How incredibly disrespectful to everyone from the performers, the crew and especially those who drove or flew and paid so much money to see her."

Another user wrote, "The show date and a time is printed on a ticket. It is a contract with the purchaser. The buyer paid a sum of money to see a performer on a specific date and time. Failure to do so is a breach of contract. I think the plaintiffs will prevail. "

A user commented, "She was late when we saw her in London, we had to miss half the show otherwise we would not have been able to get home. Her tickets aren't cheap either."

Another user commented, "About time fans started complaining abt her disrespectful behaviour. Here in aust she was late for every concert as well. The concert we attended didn't start until abt 11.30pm. We had a long way to drive home after the concert and were really tired driving. Never again."

A user stated, "I’m the biggest Madonna fan, but she has kept me waiting way too long that it ruins the show. She should go on time that it says on the ticket. It isn’t our problem that she can’t pull the production and her act together. She should set up the day before. Her time isn’t more valuable than ours. I literally been nodding off waiting for her to perform. It is rude."

Another user stated, "The show is ready. Its her arrogance to show you she has the power to make you wait. She is conceited and Ive never heard anyone speak a nice word of her"

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