Internet asks Nancy Pelosi to 'go far, far away' after anti-Israel protester calls her out during San Francisco award ceremony

Internet asks Nancy Pelosi to 'go far, far away' after anti-Israel protester calls her out during San Francisco award ceremony
Nancy Pelosi once again faced heckling from an anti-Israel demonstrator (Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Nancy Pelosi was interrupted by an anti-Israel protester while she was on stage to receive the "Distinguished Citizen of the Year" award at a San Francisco event, as per the Daily Mail.

The Harvard Club of San Francisco reportedly recognized the former House speaker on its 150th anniversary for her "37-year career of outstanding leadership." 

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 21: U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) holds her weekly press confe
Nancy Pelosi was heckled by an anti-Israel demonstrator while on stage to receive an award from the Harvard Club of San Francisco (Getty Images)

Demonstrator bombards Nancy Pelosi with questions regarding Harvard's stance on Israel's actions in Gaza

A woman, identified as a Harvard alum, didn't seem happy with the felicitation as she reportedly sarcastically said, "Congratulations, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi."

She then asked the 84-year-old politician, "What good is getting a scholarship if we're using our money from Harvard to retaliate and repress and suppress our own students? What good can you be as a distinguished citizen when you are aiding and abetting this war and this ongoing genocide in Palestine?"


While the woman was being escorted away from the venue, she yelled, "Shame on everybody here! Shame on you! How dare you do this? Where our own students are getting attacked by your administration!"

Pelosi, however, stayed calm and stated, "We respect your right to have your say. Welcome to San Francisco, everybody."

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 29: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reacts after signing the CHIPS Fo
Nancy Pelosi was disrupted during her keynote speech at the Harvard Club of San Francisco’s 150th anniversary event (Getty Images)

Netizens join the anti-Israel demonstrator in slamming Nancy Pelosi

The Internet joined the anti-Israel dissenter in slamming Pelosi, with an individual writing, "Why won’t this woman go away? Far far far away."

Another said, "What exactly has she achieved for the state over the 37 years? It's gone down the toilet looking from over here," and a person added, "The only award she and so many other politicians deserve is a jail sentence for insider trading."

Someone else declared, "She and her buddies should be in prison FOREVER!" "What did this woman do for San Francisco to get an award?" inquired a netizen.

An X (formerly Twitter) user voiced, "Well done this woman. Brave and principled. As for those people laughing and cheering at Pelosi's patronizing dismissal and mockery of the genocide in Palestine... I hope they didn't choke on their caviar."

Another person commented, "Brava! Thank you for taking on authority and speaking against injustice. Shame on Nancy and her supporters in the audience. May you forever live in infamy."

"Looks like that room only had one person with any principles at all...and they had to drag her out for it."

"Cheers to this woman! I literally gasped when the camera panned to the people who chuckled and clapped as the lone voice of humanity was escorted away Absolutely vile Solidarity forever to everyone protesting this evil regime," shared an individual. 





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