Internet divided as 'Law & Order' star Angie Harmon sues delivery driver for allegedly killing her dog

Internet divided as 'Law & Order' star Angie Harmon sues delivery driver for allegedly killing her dog
Angie Harmon sued Instacart and its delivery driver after her dog, Oliver, was killed during parcel delivery in March (@angieharmon/Instagram)

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA: Actress Angie Harmon is taking legal action against Instacart and its delivery driver, Christopher Anthoney Reid, following a tragic incident involving her dog on March 30.

Harmon alleges that Reid, while delivering groceries to her home, fatally shot her beloved pet.

Angie Harmon alleges Instacart driver Christopher Anthoney Reid delivered parcel under a false identity 

In the complaint, the 'Rizzoli & Isles' alum, 51, accuses Reid of delivering her groceries under a false identity, which was that of an older woman named "Merle."

“Harmon had no idea she had been communicating with defendant Reid, a tall and intimidating younger man,” her lawsuit states according to Page Six.

Harmon also appeared on ABC narrating the incident. "It's so unfathomable to think that there is somebody in your front driveway that just fired a gun," she said adding, "and you don't ever forget that sound."

 "I've played law enforcement for 30 years. It's just so different," the 'Law & Order' actress continued.

When she posted an order in late March for easter celebrations she thought she was communicating with the shopper, whom she thought was a woman named "Merle" during the delivery process via texts. 

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"It looked like we were talking to a middle-aged, slightly older woman named Merle who was talking to me and talking to me about my order," Harmon said. "And that's not who showed up at my house."

Angie Harmon described scenes when gunshots rang 

When the gunshot rang out, Harmon said she was upstairs and heard the reactions of two of her daughters, Emery, 15, and Avery, 18, whom she shares with ex-husband, former NFL player, Jason Sehorn.

"I think we were in such shock," Harmon said. "I was screaming at Avery to call 911," she said on the station.

“Ms Harmon immediately noticed that Defendant Reid was placing a gun in the front of his pants, potentially in his pant pocket,” the lawsuit alleges.

“Looking to the side, she saw that her beloved dog, Oliver, was shot. Although shot, Oliver was still alive.” However, Harmon’s dog sadly died at the veterinarian’s office.

Christopher Anthoney Reid claims he shot Angie Harmon's dog in self-defense 

When Harmon first shared the tragic incident with her Instagram followers last month, she revealed that the driver had claimed to police it was “self-defense” and alleged to police that Oliver had been aggressive.

“He did not have a scratch or bite on him nor were his pants torn,” she wrote on the post at that time.

Harmon also claimed at the time that Reid had unabashedly told her, “Yeah, I shot your dog. Yeah, I did.”


Harmon's daughters, Avery and Emery, said on ABC on Wednesday that they never saw Oliver, be aggressive toward delivery drivers. "I order five Amazon packages a day, and it's never been an issue."

Harmon and her attorneys are now arguing that Reid had “no legal right” to access her property while “wrongfully trespassing” and using “the firearm he brought onto plaintiffs’ property to kill plaintiff’s dog.”

In addition to trespassing and negligence, she is suing for conversion, negligent supervision and hiring, invasion of privacy, and negligent misrepresentation.

Harmon is seeking more than $25,000 in damages, but an exact amount has not been determined. A call reviewed by ABC revealed that Ried said on a 911 call following the incident, “Your dog tried to bite me."

Police in a statement said Reid told them the dog had attacked him and "defended himself" with a single gunshot to injure the dog to which Harmon replied 'No, not at all" he wasn't attacked. 

Instacarts' action against Christopher Anthoney Reid

Reid according to Instacart was “immediately suspended after [they] received a report from the customer” and his account was “permanently deactivated, Page Six reported.

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Harmon told ABC News, however, on Wednesday that when she first called the company, they allegedly told her, “We’ll see what we can do” and “we’ll get back to you.”

She added, “I think Instacart is beyond responsible for this. Like, this didn’t have to happen.”

Internet reacts to Angie Harmon suing delivery driver and Instacart after her dog was killed 

The Internet has mixed reactions over Angie Harmon suing the delivery driver and Instacart over the incident where her dog was shot.

"This is so pathetic why please," wrote one on X, while another lashed out "It's unfathomable that you didn’t put your dog in the house if you were expecting a delivery person. You’re just trying to get some money out of Instacart. Good luck with that."

"People don't let your dogs roam free in the front yard!" one more echoed. "Did she cry “I’ve played law enforcement”? Like, on tv…? Cringe. Her daughter saying “I order five Amazon packages a day” girl stop," one mocked her.

"It's really horrible and who knows if there was reason but as a delivery person I also do not all the way blame the delivery person , you should always put your animals in the house when expecting delivery. We don't know if your animals will bite," wrote another user. 

"So we have an elitist who “played law enforcement on TV” who has no evidences that her dogs did not attack the delivery guy blaming him for her dogs behavior. Notice GMA did not asked how she knows he was not attacked or ask any hard question," wrote one more.

"Control your dogs. It's your fault that your dog died because it was unleashed," wrote another, yet one wrote, "Suing the delivery person. Is this a joke?? How much money does a person shopping for other peoples groceries for chump change have??? GTFOH."








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