Internet dubs Sean Hannity ‘propaganda machine’ as he calls Michael Cohen ‘serial liar, fraudster and convicted felon’

Internet dubs Sean Hannity ‘propaganda machine’ as he calls Michael Cohen  ‘serial liar, fraudster and convicted felon’
Sean Hannity delivers a scathing critique of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen amid the hush money trial (Fox News/YouTube, Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The ongoing legal saga of New York versus Trump has captured the attention of the nation once again, as former Trump attorney Michael Cohen takes center stage. Amid his testimony, one of the voices that unleased a scathing critique belonged to Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Sean Hannity unleashes scathing critique of Michael Cohen's character

In a blistering takedown on his show, Hannity didn't mince words as he dissected Cohen's credibility, labeling him a "serial liar, fraudster, convicted felon" who seeks vengeance against his former boss, Donald Trump.

"Ladies and gentlemen, lawfare has a new mascot. His name is Michael Cohen," Hannity declared, setting the tone for his dissection of Cohen's character, who he claimed had a laundry list of convictions and a penchant for deception.

"The serial liar, fraudster, convicted felon (is) back on the stand today asking jurors to believe him now. To make matters worse, Michael Cohen has a fixation on any and all things Donald Trump, and it's clear he's got a pretty big ax to grind."

"But don't take my word for it. Just listen to Michael on TikTok," Hannity continued, emphasizing Cohen's own words and actions as evidence of his questionable motives.

"Wow, it gets worse," Hannity remarked, highlighting Cohen's derogatory language towards Trump and his attorney, as well as his promotion of merchandise featuring Trump behind bars.

"On TikTok, Cohen also called Trump's attorney 'a crying little bleep' and even referred to Trump as a 'dictator d-bag'. Cohen was even wearing and selling a t-shirt from a TikTok merch store featuring Donald Trump behind bars."

"It's clear he has nothing but a deep hatred of President Trump and is hell-bent on revenge," Hannity asserts, pointing to Cohen's public statements and social media activity as evidence of his vindictive agenda.

Internet reacts to Sean Hannity's critique of Michael Cohen

Sean Hannity had to face online backlash for his fiery rant against Michael Cohen.

One user wrote, "Sean has one more to get to be on the same level."


Another said, "He’s only a felon, because he took Donald’s orders. Donald is the ringleader."


One user replied, "Pot calling kettle."


One said, "And Sean Hannity is a propaganda machine. It is the court that decides if he is a liar or not. What I can tell is that he is definitely not head-to-toe liar like Trump."


One said, "Sean Hannity calls someone else a liar........thats funny."


Another commented, "He lied for Trump. He didn’t lie for himself. And then Trump threw one of the bus and he served time in prison. Trump viciously attacks anyone who gets in his way even Jews in America."


One said, "He’s just like Trump."


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