Internet joins in as Desi Lydic roasts Tommy Tuberville after he complains of Trump being 'anguished' by 'depressing' courtroom

Internet joins in as Desi Lydic roasts Tommy Tuberville after he complains of Trump being 'anguished' by 'depressing' courtroom
Desi Lydic of 'The Daily Show' sharply criticized GOP figures attending Donald Trump's trial in the Stormy Daniels case (The Daily Show, Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Desi Lydic, a correspondent on 'The Daily Show', had some pointed words for GOP figures flocking to the courthouse where Donald Trump is being tried in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

According to Lydic, the courthouse has become a sort of "pilgrimage site" for Republicans vying for Trump's attention. "It’s like the Met Gala for people who don’t believe in women’s rights,” said Lydic, who is hosting this week.

Tuberville's bizarre bid for Trump's sympathy

Lydic couldn't help but highlight the oddities of Trump's supporters, singling out Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville for his peculiar behavior.

“But of all the people who came out to support Trump, nobody ― and I mean nobody ― did it weirder than Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville,” she said.

Tuberville, it seems, took issue with the atmosphere of the courtroom, describing it as "depressing" and suggesting it was causing Trump "mental anguish."

Lydic didn't hold back her shock at Tuberville's complaints, particularly his assertion of Trump suffering "mental anguish."

"Mental anguish?" Lydic repeated in disbelief. "This dude spends every day whining about how Gen Z is too woke with their safe spaces and now he’s out here like, ‘the wallpaper is giving the president trauma. These fluorescent lights are literal violence.’"


Internet questions Tuberville's priorities amidst Trump trial

As Desi Lydic put the spotlight on Senator Tommy Tuberville's unusual behavior at the Trump trial, social media users expressed a mix of skepticism and sarcasm toward his actions and priorities.

One user wrote, ""Shouldn't nuberville be trying to stop the military from protecting America."

Another said, "Tommy Teletubby: I anticipate your Bill to improve courtrooms across America with happy paintings, you know the over-the-top happy ones that they paint in children's hospitals?"

Someone replied,"Surely a Presidential candidate should be able to withstand the mental anguish of being in a courtroom."

One said, "The job is apparently stressful."

Anther comment read, "Why does Tuberville always sound like he's doing a terrible Dubyah impression?"

A user added, "Hey quick Tommy! What branch of government does the courthouse belong to?"

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