'That’s not Christianity': Pastor mocked for claiming there will be 'retribution' against promoters of 'evil' after Donald Trump becomes president

'That’s not Christianity': Pastor mocked for claiming there will be 'retribution' against promoters of 'evil' after Donald Trump becomes president
Pastor Joel Tenney, in a rally in Iowa, said that America should re-elect Donald Trump to change the country's 'spiritual state' (Joel Tenney/Facebook, Getty Images)

CORALVILLE, IOWA: Before Donald Trump took the stage to address his supporters at the rally in Coralville, Iowa, on December 13, the crowd witnessed a pastor warning of "retribution" to people who "promoted evil" in the country.

Rev. Joel Tenney, an Evangelical pastor from Tiffin, Iowa, was appointed to lead the crowd in prayer about an hour before Trump came to the stage.

However, before the prayer, the pastor said the 2024 presidential election was a "spiritual battle". "This election is part of a spiritual battle. There are demonic forces at play. But judgment is coming. When Trump becomes the 47th president, there will be retribution against all those who have promoted evil in this country," Tenney said.


This was Trump's third trip to the Hawkeye State, with only a month left for the Iowa Caucus on January 15, 2024.

Pastor Joel Tenney speaks in support of Donald Trump

The Evangelist pastor began with a political statement instead of a prayer. "I will begin in a moment to lead us all in prayer but for just a moment I will speak to you as a pastor to a nation in decline and to a nation on the brink of calamities ruin."

He continued with a criticism of the Biden administration, saying that "we have witnessed a sitting president weaponized the entire legal system to try and steal an election and imprison his leading opponent Donald Trump despite committing no crime."

Ana and Antonio Donatti are thriving in their relationship and career (Instagram/@euanapolli)
According to pastor Joel Tenney, only electing Donald Trump can help the nation (Instagram/@euanapolli)

According to Tenney, America should do two things to change its "spiritual state": firstly, people should "become godly again" by "submitting" themselves "to Jesus Christ" and secondly, by re-electing "President Trump for the third time".

Reiterating Trump supporters' claim of the former President winning the 2020 election, the pastor said, "But this time he will have his seat in the Oval Office."


Donald Trump asks Iowans to 'put big numbers up'

With only weeks left for the Iowa caucus, Trump, who continues to dominate over the other Republican presidential candidates, asked the state's GOP voters to increase his "margin of victory," reported Associated Press.

"We have to put big numbers up, really big numbers," he said. "We are leading by a lot but you have to go out and vote. That margin of victory is so, so powerful."

Like Pastor Tenney, the billionaire former president also painted an unpleasant picture of the US under the Biden administration. He described the US as a nation in ruin "where free speech is no longer allowed and where crime is rampant" and where "once revered airports, those beautiful, beautiful airports, are dirty."

To a cheering crowd, Trump promised that together with his supporters, he would liberate the country "from the tyrants and villains once and for all".


Internet asks if Pastor Tenny has ever read a Bible

Socia media users are mocking Pastor Tenney for his comments on the political platform. Many pointed out that Christianity does not stand for whatever he says.

Pastor Joel Tenney is a staunch Donald Trump  supporter (Joel Tenny/Facebook)
Pastor Joel Tenney is a staunch Donald Trump supporter (Joel Tenny/Facebook)

One user said, "That’s not Christianity. In my opinion, That’s Fraud. God knows the difference and sees and hears all. He will meet his maker one day and face the consequences of his actions."


Another user mocked the pastor saying,"So basically he's saying: -Trump and Jesus are the same person (except the orange hue instead of lily white) -Trump is going to judge the "demonic forces" (a.k.a. normies) -Trump is going to provide "retribution" (mob boss speak) Let us pray."


"So, God is against anyone who isn’t for Trump? I must have missed that class in my Sunday School and VBS classes. Apparently, I went to a 'woke' Lutheran church?" remarked a third user.


A fourth user added, "They really need to bring back excommunication...this "pastor" has no business running a church or even have a clergy license..."


One reaction read, "Has this pastor read the bible? I doubt it."


"I look forward to him someday standing before his God and explaining his Earthly actions," noted another.


Another user wrote, "I’m baffled. I’m a Christian. I’m on my church’s vestry. Are there two different Christian gods? How can our views of Christianity be so different? Baffled."


"Whew boy, I’ll make sure to steer clear of that “pastor’s” church!" stated one user.


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