Internet 'respects' 16-year-sober Steve-O as he slams Bill Maher for smoking pot in interview after requesting against it

Internet 'respects' 16-year-sober Steve-O as he slams Bill Maher for smoking pot in interview after requesting against it
Steve-O said Bill Maher's refusal to not smoke pot during his podcast interview was a 'dealbreaker' (Instagram/@steveo, Real Time/YouTube Screengrab)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Steve-O disclosed his decision to decline an invitation to appear on Bill Maher's podcast after the host refused not to smoke cannabis in his presence.

The 49-year-old entertainer who has been sober for nearly 16 years spoke on his podcast 'Wild Ride' about his principles clashing with Maher indulging in cannabis consumption during his one-on-one interviews.

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Steve-O says smoking pot during interview is a 'dealbreaker' for Bill Maher

Speaking about his sobriety journey, Steve-O said, "I’m a clean and sober guy. It’s very important that I maintain my sobriety, it’s approaching 16 years. I am about to be sweet 16."

“Really, there’s nothing I value more than my sobriety. There’s nothing more that I protect than my recovery," he continued.

The 'Jackass' star then recalled Bill Maher's podcast 'Club Random' reaching out to him.

"I found it kind of upsetting when the Bill Maher podcast reached out and he smokes pot the whole time while he interviews people," he shared.

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“I said I’d happily go on there, but while I’m on, out of respect for my sobriety, could he refrain from smoking pot."

"He said no and that’s a dealbreaker," added Steve-O, according to Daily Mail.

Steve-O surprised at Bill Maher's refusal to abstain from smoking pot during interview

Steve-O expressed his surprise at Maher's refusal to not smoke pot during the interview. He contrasted the political commentator's stance to not abstain from smoking with his experience on other cannabis-themed podcasts.

“Mike Tyson’s podcast is called ‘Hotboxin,’” said the stunt performer.

“Be real! All of these prolific potheads, I’ve been on their shows and it wasn’t so important to them to blow marijuana smoke in my face, but for Bill Maher, it was a dealbreaker," he added.

However, Maher did not smoke during a recent interview with Sheryl Crow as he told the singer, "That’s when I need a joint … but I’d never light one up in front of you."

Steve-O, who expressed his disappointment with Maher, said, “There’s something that people find inherently compelling about the misfortune of others."

“Entertainment and recovery are almost mutually exclusive concepts. There’s nothing entertaining about recovery – but it’s super entertaining to watch somebody out of control on drugs," he added.

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"I think there was something super lurid about the documentary, but there was something inspirational to some people too," he added.

Internet is annoyed at Bill Maher's actions

"One of the more annoying things in sobriety is when people make a point to consume substances in front of you or make jokes about substances in front of you with the intent to make you uncomfortable. Contact highs are real and Steve-O’s sobriety is way cooler than Bill Maher," a user wrote on X (formerly Twitter).


"When someone doesn't respect a person's sobriety it says a lot about them," another netizen tweeted.


"Shout out to Steve-O for sticking to his guns and staying away from the poison that is drugs and alcohol," one user wrote.


"I’ll never understand inviting someone into your space just to disrespect them," a user tweeted and another user wrote, "Bravo to Steve-O man. The dude was man enough to get clean and stay clean. Nothing but respect for that man."




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