'Another slap in the face': DoD slammed for erroneously promoting Pride Month in a PTSD Awareness Month post

'Another slap in the face': DoD slammed for erroneously promoting Pride Month in a PTSD Awareness Month post
The Department of Defense, which is headquartered at the Pentagon, inadvertently promoted Pride Month in a post intended for PTSD awareness (Getty Images and DeptofDefense/X)

ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA: The Department of Defense (DoD) committed a blunder on social media on Saturday, June 1, by confusing Pride Month with PTSD Awareness Month.

In a post released on Saturday afternoon, the Pentagon stated that June is designated as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) Awareness Month, which was initially acknowledged by the US government in June 2014, predating the official recognition of June as Pride Month by one year.

What did the DoD post read?

"June is PTSD Awareness Month and the DoD is committed to supporting service members and veterans affected by PTSD," the post read.

"If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available," the DoD added. "You are not alone."

However, the image attached to the post displayed "Celebrate Pride Month 2024" alongside a Progress Pride Flag graphic. This tweet was subsequently removed and substituted with a graphic for PTSD Awareness Month, the Fox News reported.

A portion of the department's 6.5 million followers viewed the social media post. Following the correction of the tweet, several social media users ridiculed the department for the initial mistake.


Department of Defense slammed for using Pride Month graphic in PTSD awareness post

After the DoD deleted the previous post, social media users asked why the department changed the post. "But why did you change it?" one person asked.


Another wrote, "I've got PTSD from having LQBTQ propaganda shoved in my face for the same month."


One individual wrote, "Took you long enough to fix that… but it also wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL that this DoD is much more worried about multiple posts on Pride Month the second it’s June than they are about PTSD…"


One person said, "You got it right now. Another slap in the face to our military and veterans who give, and have given, so much."


Another remarked, "I wonder if the USS Liberty survivors have PTSD about what happened to them. They had gag orders not to speak about what our greatest ally did to them."


Biden administration faced backlash for announcing Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter

In March 2024, the Joe Biden administration faced social media backlash after announcing the federally-recognized Transgender Day of Visibility on the same Sunday as Easter.

Although the holiday has been observed on March 31 since 2009, Republican politicians criticized the timing of the announcement, coinciding with a significant Christian holiday.

"Joe Biden has proclaimed Easter Sunday as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” What a coincidence on the timing, right? This is a direct assault on Christianity. Yet another attack on religion and traditions by this administration," Rep Alex Mooney (R-Virginia) wrote on X.


Tennessee Republican Representative Diana Harshbarger also viewed the announcement as an assault on Christianity.

"This is a direct assault on Christianity. It’s evident the left is determined to undermine our religion and traditions," Harshbarger wrote on X. "This isn’t just blatant disregard, it’s intentional."


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