Internet trolls 'man-child' Travis Kelce after expert calls out his 'attention-seeking' behavior during beer-chugging stunt

Internet trolls 'man-child' Travis Kelce after expert calls out his 'attention-seeking' behavior during beer-chugging stunt
Travis Kelce referred to 'man child' following his beer-chugging celebration at his graduation ceremony (Getty Images, DanHoard/X)

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Travis Kelce's recent celebration in the form of beer-chugging faced heavy criticism on social media.

This scrutiny brewed after a body language expert conducted an analysis of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end's clip of carrying out the deed and likened his behavior to 'attention-seeking'.

Travis also tugged at the heartstrings of numerous internet users recently, as he posted a clip of an open declaration of love toward his brother and former NFL center Jason Kelce on National Siblings Day.

In the multiple clips that graced TikTok with their presence, the NFL siblings duo were seen as toddlers growing up together as they indulged in other fun activities.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - JANUARY 19: Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs reacts late in the ga
Travis Kelce receives his diploma from the University of Cincinnati (GettyImages)

Travis Kelce chugs beer and smashes can as a form of celebrating his graduation

The Daily Mail reported about Travis recently graduating from the University of Cincinnati this week. However, his wild celebration stole the spotlight from his academic success, according to a body language expert.

After receiving his diploma on Thursday night, the Super Bowl-winning tight end celebrated the feat in his trademark style by chugging a beer, smashing the can, and shouting into a microphone, "You've got to fight for your right to party!"

The celebration went viral, prompting body language expert Judi James to analyze Travis' behavior. She likened it to that of an eternal teenager, noting how he focused on attention-grabbing antics rather than the gravity of the occasion.


While talking to the Daily Mail, James observed, "There's adult, husband material and then there's this. Receiving his graduation certificate on stage from two polite and formally-gowned men, Travis decides to take the moment to show the world how he can guzzle beer from a can, throwing his head back like a showman to drop the beer from a height so it pours out of his mouth and down over his chin. He then smashes the can to the ground so that what remains of the beer splashes everywhere, including, possibly, the people on stage and the audience."

James suggested that Travis' behavior seemed immature, by saying, "He also grabs the mic to sing the chorus of a song, and even for a rebellious teenager this display would look attention-seeking, especially with his mom looking on wearing what appeared to be a smile of pride as she watches her two sons."

She also mentioned Travis' relationship with pop icon Taylor Swift, implying that his behavior might not reflect well on someone who is rumored to soon put a ring on the singer's finger.

James concluded, "Heroes can have fun and they can celebrate a win but more usually out on pitch than like this on a stage when some level of maturity might have been called for."

This analysis by James ignited a wave of scrutiny on social media to follow one of Travis' memorable moments.

Internet users suggest Travis Kelce hasn't grown up since high school

A user on Facebook likened Travis to "Big man-child."

Another user wrote, "This is pathetic. As an educator who goes to graduation every semester, this is egocentric and disrespectful. Fine, do it on the football field or in a bar, but not here."

A user commented, "He hasn’t grown up since high school."

Another user commented, "I want to add that had it been anyone else he/she would have been kicked out, why he pulled this crap is beyond me."

A user stated, "He has two brain cells."

A second user stated, "He is so dumped after this. Taylor does not put up with that."

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