Jason Adam Marshall: Mississippi mayoral candidate shot dead by his brother-in-law in likely self-defense

Jason Adam Marshall: Mississippi mayoral candidate shot dead by his brother-in-law in likely self-defense
Jason Adam Marshall was killed by his brother-in-law Christopher Davis (Betsy Marshall/ Facebook)

SOSO, MISSISSIPPI: A tragic incident took place in the town of Soso, Mississippi, where a man who had recently run for mayor was killed by his sister’s husband in an apparent case of self-defense.

The man, Jason Adam Marshall, had violated a court order by showing up at his ex-wife’s home with a weapon, according to reports.

Jason Adam Marshall's violation of the court order and confrontation

According to the Laurel Leader Call, Marshall, 41, came onto the property that belonged to his ex-wife, Constance Hope McRae Marshall, on December 27.

He was armed with a 9mm pistol which he was not supposed to have as per a domestic protection order granted to his ex-wife in October. The order also required him to undergo a psychological evaluation to have his visitation rights restored for their three young children who were living with their mother.

Marshall was confronted by his brother-in-law, Christopher Davis, who lived next door and was also armed with an AR-15 rifle. When Marshall reached for his gun, Davis shot him, killing him on the spot. He was pronounced dead at South Central Regional Medical Center last week.


Initial findings indicate that it was a self-defense killing

The Soso Police Department, led by Chief Jimmy McCoy, is investigating the incident, according to the outlet. McCoy told the outlet that the initial findings indicate that it was a self-defense killing, but the investigation is ongoing.

He also said that the children were home at the time of the shooting, and that it was “just a bad situation”. The couple, the publication noted, had filed for divorce in March after 12 years of marriage and raising their children in Soso. The divorce proceedings revealed some disturbing incidents that had occurred earlier this year.

In February, Marshall had threatened to kill Davis with a gun and had also threatened suicide in the home. He had also accused his wife of using illicit drugs and making illicit videos and had threatened to take the children away from her. He was taken to Pine Grove Mental Health facility after these incidents, according to the outlet.

Jason Adam Marshall's mayoral bid and social media post

Marshall had also been a candidate in a special mayoral election in Soso that was held on December 18. He had posted a message on a social media group Old Soso (Mississippi) Memories, expressing his vision for the town and asking for the residents’ support. 

"Ladies and gentlemen. today as I stand before you as a candidate for Mayor of Soso. I am humbled to have the opportunity to address you, the residents of this wonderful town, and share my vision for a brighter future," he said.

"I ask for your partnership on this journey towards a more prosperous future. With your belief in me and your active participation, we can ignite a new era of growth, opportunity, and harmony in our beloved town," he added.

"Thank you for your time, and let us strive for a Soso we can all be proud to call home," he continued.

However, his bid was unsuccessful, as he received only five out of a potential 137 votes, according to a story by the Leader-Call.

Betsy Marshall who says she is Jason's cousin posted several pictures on Facebook and they alleged he was murdered.


McCoy added,  "He was a good man. He was just struggling severely, and, unfortunately, it appears at this time that he just made a bad mistake," as Daily Mail reported. 

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