Texas woman, 23, murdered by ex-boyfriend, 46, despite 3 years of police complaints over harassment

Jaynice Ferguson: Texas family seeks answers after daughter murdered by ex-BF despite 3 years of police complaints over harassment
Algie Washington, 46, is charged in the fatal shooting of ex-girlfriend Jaynice Ferguson, 23 (Houston PD/ABC/screengrab)

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HOUSTON, TEXAS: The Ferguson family demands answers and justice after the murder of their beloved daughter, Jaynice Ferguson, 23, by her stalker ex-boyfriend, Algie Washington, 46.

The victim was fatally shot last Wednesday, January 23, casting a spotlight on the perceived failures of the justice system to protect her despite repeated pleas and distress calls.

Timeline of Jaynice Ferguson and Algie Washington's disturbing relationship 

The family disclosed that warning signs of potential violence by Washington against Jaynice were evident over the three years of torment she endured. The troubled relationship began in 2020, but after their breakup later that year, the situation escalated into a disturbing pattern of harassment and assaults.

Bridgette Pipkin, Jaynice's sister, recounted the horrifying experiences, stating that Washington had subjected Jaynice to multiple attacks, even leading to hospitalizations. Pipkin described instances where "He would have a brick with a rubber band with a letter on it, and he would break her windows out," KTRK reported.

Algie Washington's multiple attacks ignored

Court documents revealed that in 2022, Washington allegedly attempted to strangle Jaynice. The situation worsened, with police responding to reports of her tires being slashed on New Year's Day.

Despite obtaining a protection order, the legal safeguard proved insufficient to prevent the fatal shooting. The family expressed frustration, with Pipkin stating, "We did everything in our power, so it almost seems like as civilians if we would have taken this into our own hands, perhaps my sister would have still been here."

Algie Washington has been charged with murder and is currently held on a $1 million bond. However, the family fears that if he manages to secure release, he could pose a threat to others. Heartbroken Jaynice's father, Colton Williams emotionally shared, "You took something from me that I would never have thought in my mind that would be gone."

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