'Spinning is not working': Jesse Watters trolled for saying 'Black people loved Trump' amid racism charge

'Spinning is not working': Jesse Watters trolled for saying 'Black people loved Trump' amid racism charge
Jesse Watters challenges accusations of racism against Donald Trump, citing his support among minorities (Jesse Watters/X and Getty Image)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a recent segment on Fox News' 'The Five', host Jesse Watters took aim at Democrats for labeling former President Donald Trump a racist, asserting that "Blacks loved Trump" before his foray into politics.

Watters' remarks preceded Trump's rally in the South Bronx, where throngs gathered to hear him discuss issues such as crime, the economy, and immigration.

Notably, this New York neighborhood boasts a demographic makeup of "64% Hispanic and 31% Black" residents.

Trump's potential edge: winning over minority voters

During the discussion, Watters suggested that Trump senses vulnerability within President Joe Biden's support base among Hispanic and Black voters. He speculated that Trump could gain an advantage over Biden by securing greater minority backing in traditionally Democratic urban areas within swing states.

Dismissing accusations of racism leveled against Trump by Democrats, Watters asserted that "Black people loved Trump" and aspired to emulate him prior to his presidential bid.

Fox News host Jesse Watters gets called out for suggesting Egyptian strategy of flooding Hamas tunnels (Fox News)
Fox News host Jesse Watters gets called out for suggesting Egyptian strategy of flooding Hamas tunnels (Fox News)

He recalled, "So it does seem like they’re trying to say Trump’s racist, and they have to go all the way back into the 80s to say he’s racist. I remember in the 80s, Blacks loved Trump. In the 90s they loved him, in the 2000s, Blacks wanted to be Trump. Everybody wanted to be Trump, no matter what color you are." 

Trump reaching out to forgotten constituencies

Furthermore, Watters highlighted a strategic shift in electoral campaigning, suggesting that Trump is now actively targeting Biden's voter base, including minorities, in traditionally Democratic strongholds.

“That changed when he ran for president. And I don’t think Black Americans even really knew who Joe Biden was until Barack Obama tapped him for VP.”


He likened voters to women, stating, "They want to be courted. They want you to lavish attention on them."

According to Watters, Trump's engagement in areas like the Bronx signifies a departure from traditional campaign tactics and reflects a direct appeal to neglected constituencies.

In his closing remarks, Watters emphasized the potential electoral impact of Trump's outreach efforts, particularly in cities with significant Black and Hispanic populations such as Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Detroit. 

He concluded, “I think if you replicate this, maybe not in New York, but if you go into these deep blue precincts in Philly, you do it in Milwaukee, you do it in Atlanta, you do it in Detroit. If you can even just get in a battleground, maybe three to four more percent of the Black and Hispanic vote in these cities. That makes a huge difference in November.”

Challenges to Jesse Watters' memory of Trump in the 80s

However, critics questioned Jesse Watters' assertion of remembering Trump's popularity in the 80s, pointing out his age at the time. 

One user wrote, "Waters saying he remembers Trump in ther 80’s? How old was Jesse Watters in the 80’s? Less than 10? Lying.


Another added, "Watters spinning is not working"


One user replied, "Born in 1978,he was 12 in 1990 so for the 80s, he was a toddler to pre-teen. I don't think Jesse has a clue about how Trump was viewed by anyone let alone the black community. Also, Jesse was raised as a privileged white boy in Philadelphia as the grandson of a wealthy family."


Another replied, "Watters should speak to the Central Park 5 about Orangeman."


Another said, "Narrator: Waters was born in 1978. Is he saying he was finely in-tune with black people and their feelings toward Donald Trump when he was in second grade?"


One added, "Lying ages you. It looks like Watters is 5 years older looking than he was last week."


Another said, "Jesse was 12 when the 80s ended. Theres no way in hell he followed anything Trump did as a kid."


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