Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson reignite romance on Valentine’s Day amid 'divorce' rumors

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson reignite romance on Valentine’s Day amid 'divorce' rumors
Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson were spotted together on Valentine's Day (Jessica Simpson/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, put on a united front on Valentine's Day, seemingly quelling rumors of marital discord that arose after Simpson was seen without her wedding ring in recent Instagram posts.

Despite speculation about the state of their relationship, the couple was spotted enjoying a Valentine's Day dinner together at Ivy At The Shore in Santa Monica.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson celebrate Valentine's Day amid divorce rumors

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09:  Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson attend the 10th Anniversary Celebrati
Despite social media speculation, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's Valentine's Day date shows they're still going strong. (Getty Images)

Witnesses depicted them as happy and content, with no apparent signs of trouble between them. This outing followed Simpson's Instagram posts that raised concerns among fans because she wasn't wearing her wedding band.

Eyewitnesses report that Jessica and Eric had a table to themselves and appeared happy together, showing no indications of a potential split. According to the descriptions provided, they seemed completely normal, with no signs of trouble.

Jessica Simpson's social media activity sparks split rumors

Jessica hasn't shared a photo with Johnson since September (@jessicasimpson/Instagram)

While Simpson's social media activity has fueled speculation about the couple's status, it's worth noting that she hasn't shared a photo with Johnson since September.

However, this lack of recent public appearances together may not necessarily indicate relationship troubles.

Simpson's Instagram feed predominantly showcases photos of herself, occasionally alongside celebrity friends, and only includes a few pictures with her children, whom she shares with Johnson.

This selective sharing of moments may contribute to fans' concerns about the couple's relationship, but their Valentine's Day outing suggests that they are still together and enjoying each other's company.

After getting married back in 2014, Jessica and Eric have three children together, meaning a separation seems unlikely based on this V-Day date.

Ultimately, the dinner date appears to reassure fans that Simpson and Johnson are doing well despite the rumors surrounding them.

As is often the case with celebrity relationships, it's important to approach social media speculation with caution and instead focus on the genuine moments shared by the couple in real life.

“Is she getting divorced? She never wears her wedding ring any longer,” one Instagram user wrote. “I’ve noticed (her lack of ring) for a while if you look at previous posts."

"Trying not to assume but…??” another added.

“No wedding ring again?” a fan wrote.

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