John Travolta 'totally smitten' with Kristin Davis as duo became 'flirty friends' on new film's set, sources say

John Travolta 'totally smitten' with Kristin Davis as duo became 'flirty friends' on new film's set, sources say
John Travolta and Kristin Davis are reportedly 'smitten' (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Love may be on the horizon for Hollywood legends John Travolta, 70, and Kristin Davis, 59, as it has been rumored the co-stars have reportedly become “flirty friends” on the set of their upcoming movie ‘Cash Out’.

‘Cash Out’ is a highly anticipated heist movie, all set to release on Friday, April 26. However, it is rumored that the ‘Pulp Fiction’ star is “totally smitten” with Davis, and Travolta’s close friends are reportedly urging him to ask the ‘And Just Like That’ star out for a date.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 22: John Travolta speaks onstage during the premiere of Quiver Distri
John Travolta and Kristin Davis have sparked romace rumors (Getty Images)

John Travolta and Kristin Davis’ blossoming romance

Insiders close to the ‘Grease’ actor recently spoke to Star, per OK! Magazine, where they claimed a romance is blooming between the ‘Cash Out’ co-stars and that Travolta’s friends are pushing him to ask the ‘Sex and the City’ star out for a date.

The insider shared, "Kristin would definitely be receptive," before adding, "but she won’t make the first move, so hopefully John can get his courage up."

Saying Travolta "has been ready to date for a while" after the death of his wife Kelly Preston from cancer in 2020, the confidante added the ‘Urban Cowboy’ star "always seems to chicken out when it comes down to it."

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 14:  Kelly Preston and John Travolta attend the New York premiere of Gotti starr
Kelly Preston and John Travolta were married for 28 years (Getty Images)

Nevertheless, the source added that both the stars seem interested in each other.

They shared that Davis "has been saying John’s a cool guy and telling people how funny he is.” "And John’s been gushing to everyone that Kristin’s smart and beautiful,” added the confidante.

The source shared, "Their friends think they’re perfect for each other and that if John doesn’t take a chance, he’ll miss out on a great opportunity," before concluding, "People who've seen them together say it's obvious he's totally smitten."

John Travolta has gone a little rusty

Earlier in 2024, another source close to the ‘Hairspray’ actor shared that Travolta is readying up to get back to the dating scene three years after his wife’s death. However, he reportedly has a few criteria to meet in terms of choosing a potential partner.

The source shared, "John is of the mindset that a professional matchmaker would work and save time by finding someone who meets his list of criteria.”

"Though he’s not asking for much — just that she be kind, warm, gracious, funny and spontaneous. Being attractive too wouldn’t hurt!" added the mole.

BROOKLYN, NY - JUNE 12:  Kelly Preston and John Travolta attend the ceremony to honor John Travolta
Kelly Preston died in 2020 (Getty Images)

They further shared that when it comes to the prospect of dating, Travolta reportedly finds motivation in knowing "Kelly wouldn’t want him to spend the rest of his life alone."

Nevertheless, when it comes to actually making a move, the insider shared Travolta feels jittery. "John hasn’t been on a date since before Kelly,” the mole explained.

They concluded by commenting. "He’s a little rusty!"

John Travolta opened up about grief

While Travolta has yet to share his opinion on his upcoming romances, in 2021, he opened up about coping with grief after his wife’s death.

The star spoke to Esquire Spain about his experience with grief, and shared, "I learned that crying and mourning over someone is something personal," before adding, "Mourning is individual and experiencing your own journey is what can lead to healing," per GMA.

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