Kyle Richards labeled 'stern one' as 'RHOBH' star unsure about mending relationship with sister Kathy

Kyle Richards labeled 'stern one' as 'RHOBH' star unsure about mending relationship with sister Kathy
'RHOBH' star Kyle Richards is unsure about repairing relationship with sister Kathy Hilton (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The dynamic between Kyle Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton remains highly tense, or at least it was during the filming of the new episode of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' on Wednesday, January 3.

In the episode, Kyle eventually spoke with his middle sister Kim Richards. However, the talk swiftly descended into drama when Kim asked Kyle if she would be able to attend her daughter Whitney's wedding given her falling out with Kathy.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 19: Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton attend the premiere of MTV's
The dynamic between Kyle Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton remains highly tense (Getty Images)

Viewers earlier witnessed the reality star bring life coach and therapist Jamie to her house for an on-camera therapy session during the new hour of 'RHOBH'.

The visit was prompted by Kyle's admission that her marriage to Mauricio Umansky has been difficult lately, as well as a change in her conduct and lifestyle that some of her costars had noted, including a health kick and giving up alcohol completely.

Along with managing her turbulent relationship with her sister Kathy, Kyle has also been coping with grief after the loss of one of her closest friends.

Reasons for Kyle Richards' hesitancy to mend relationship with 'mean' sister Kathy

Unaware of the specifics of their lengthy rivalry, Kyle provides her sister Kim and the audience with a quick refresher.

It all stems from that wild night in Aspen, Colorado, on a cast vacation, where Kathy allegedly called Kyle names and physically assaulted her in front of former 'RHOBH' star, Lisa Rinna.

Kyle said, "I would always be - Obviously, I haven't seen Kathy, well, actually, I saw her at the Elton John Oscar party - that I would always be polite. Always be nice," as per TooFab.

Although Kathy did apologize to her sister during the previous season, Kyle felt that the apology was meaningless because of the way she appeared to retract it during the Season 12 reunion and discussed the dispute on social media.

'RHOBH' stars Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton (Instagram/kylerichards18/kathyhilton)
'RHOBH' star Kyle Richards is not sure if Kathy Hilton is apologetic (@kylerichards18, @kathyhilton/Instagram)

Kyle confessed, "I really wanted to accept the apology and be able to move on. But, it was the behavior after that really told me that she wasn't sorry."

Kim begged the two to make amends, eager to see her sisters succeed, but Kyle was not sure if she was ready at the time.

Kim lamented, "I miss my family. I miss our lunches. I miss our barbecues, I miss our fun together, as a family. And two, this wedding's coming up and then Farrah's..."

As much as Kyle is willing to work things out if Kathy comes to her with sincere intentions, being "mistreated" by her sister is something the mother of four has stated she would not tolerate.

As things got more sensitive, Kyle informed Kim, "She can't have a conversation like this," her voice breaking noticeably and added, "She gets so mean. I really can't handle the meanness, like the way that she talks."

Kim and Kyle remembered their late mother Kathleen, and said that she too had a "fiery" temper, and equated Kathy's behavior to her.

Kim labeled their argument "silly," and then told Kyle that their mother would never have approved of their rift. Kim then encouraged her sister to "try" and mend things with Kathy.

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Internet reacts to the 'RHOBH' sisters' feud

Following the release of the latest 'RHOBH' episode, social media users took to the online platform Facebook to comment on the ongoing feud between sisters Kyle and Kathy.

One user wrote, "There is always a stern one lol," another added, "We're only hearing Kyle's side not Kathy's. And I don't believe the over "actors" performance."

"Kathy treats Kyle like a kid. It's like they never formed an adult sibling dynamic," noted one user.

Another one chimed in, "It’s so obvious that Kathy is jealous of Kyle."

One more explained, "Who cares Kyle is a grown woman and she needs to get her act together she has been going strong for a while acting like this her and her husband don't look good anymore Kathy doesn't know her anything Kyle talks in the past and needs to grow up move on."

"It's always Kyle that's got a problem with Kim or Kathy at any given time," added another one.

Another one seethed, "Kyle is the mean sister. She's lucky they even talk to her. She humiliated Kim national TV while acting as if she cared about her health."

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