Lauren Boebert ripped after she says Biden shouldn't be allowed to refuse drug tests just like military

Lauren Boebert ripped after she says Commander-In-Chief Biden shouldn't be allowed to refuse drug tests just like military
Lauren Boebert went after Joe Biden over his refusal to take a drug test before the debate (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Lauren Boebert, the outspoken Republican representative from Colorado, found herself at the center of controversy yet again after making a puzzling comparison regarding debate drug-testing policies for presidential candidates.

Boebert's remarks, which were widely criticized online, drew attention for their lack of coherence and relevance.

Lauren Boebert goes after Joe Biden over drug test

Boebert's statement aligns with a prevailing narrative among conservatives, including Trump, who have insinuated that Joe Biden might use performance-enhancing drugs during debates, according to Rawstory. This speculation has been widely debunked, with political analysts dismissing it as a baseless tactic to discredit Biden.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 27:  Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), participates in a discussion on the Rig
Lauren Boebert targeted Joe Biden once again and asked why he did not take a drug test before the presidential debate (Getty  Images)

"There is no evidence that Biden has used or plans to use performance-enhancing drugs," noted Washington Post political reporter Hannah Knowles. "But Trump and his supporters have spread the baseless claim widely," he added. 

Boebert's remarks were not isolated within the Republican Party. Earlier, Rep Nancy Mace of South Carolina voiced similar concerns, suggesting Biden could be using ADHD medication. "How much Adderall are they gonna give him?" Mace queried, playing into a narrative aimed at undermining Biden's credibility.

In a bid to draw parallels between military standards and presidential debates, Boebert wrote, "Members of our military cannot just refuse a drug test because they don’t want to take one. Why is the Commander in Chief any different?"


The internet quickly responded to Boebert's analogy, However, Boebert's controversial remarks come amidst her bid for re-election in Colorado's Fourth Congressional District, a move precipitated by her switch from a less favorable electoral area.

Lauren Boebert gets skewered for her outrageous analogy 

Lauren Boebert's controversial analogy regarding debate drug testing sparked a wave of passionate responses online.

One user wrote, "Did you ever ask Trump to take a drug test before the 2020 debate? Sit down."


Another commented, "If you cannot join the military with a felony conviction, how can you get a security clearance."


One said, "Everyone has the right to be stupid and ignorant, but you just abuse that privilege."


Another replied, "Shut up methhead.."


One stated, "Yes, Donald Trump should absolutely take a drug test, so we can find out what medication he’s on. The public knows no truth about his health."


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