Lauren Boebert’s tweets: A look at GOP congresswoman’s 9 most outrageous posts

Lauren Boebert’s tweets: A look at GOP congresswoman’s 9 most outrageous posts
Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is notorious for spewing hate on social media and courting controversy (Getty Images)

9 most unhinged tweets from Lauren Boebert: 'Groomer' attacks, rejecting pronouns and more

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 27:  Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), participates in a discussion on the Rig
Rep Lauren Boebert emerged victorious in the GOP primary in the 4th congressional district of Colorado on Tuesday, June 25 (Getty Images)

Rep Lauren Boebert (R-Col) proved her doubters wrong by securing an all-important win in her Republican primary on Tuesday, June 25, after announcing her decision to run in a different congressional district in the upcoming general election. Rep Boebert defeated five other candidates to represent the GOP in Colorado's 4th congressional district in the November ballot. The seat opened up after Rep Ken Buck announced his decision to resign earlier this year. Boebert had stated back in December 2023, while announcing her decision to switch districts in 2024, “Since the first day I ran for public office I promised I would do whatever it takes to stop the socialists and communists from taking over our country." "That means staying in the fight. But it also means not allowing Hollywood elites and progressive money groups to buy the 3rd District," the MAGA-aligned congresswoman remarked. Furthermore, the firebrand Republican lawmaker received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump which enabled her to stamp her dominance in the Tuesday primary in a conservative congressional district. The Colorado representative has been widely criticized for promoting anti-LGBTQ+ prejudice. She staunchly supports the unsubstantiated claim that former President Trump was the victim of a rigged election and has demonstrated her support for insurrectionist causes. Boebert appears to take pleasure in targeting marginalized communities, particularly through her use of the right-wing "groomer" label. Her more provocative remarks are reserved for dissemination on X, formerly known as Twitter. Here is a selection of the most notorious tweets by the Republican congresswoman.

1. Lauren Boebert once regretted not being too hateful 

Lauren Boebert's disappointment at being third in 'groomer' attacks (@laurenboebert/X)

A study from the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the Human Rights Campaign shows that Rep Lauren Boebert is one of the top three X users responsible for spreading the hateful and misleading "groomer" attack. The Colorado Republican, who seems to take pride in being included on the list, appears to be aiming for the number one spot.

2. Us vs Them

Lauren Boebert claims Democrats 'hate' conservatives (@laurenboebert/X)

Rep Lauren Boebert often employs the tactic of framing issues in an "us versus them" context. In an August 11 tweet, Boebert essentially called on her supporters to get ready to arm themselves to defend their beliefs because, as she suggests, a critical point may have been reached.

3. 'They're coming for all of us'

Lauren Boebert resorts to fear-mongering (@laurenboebert/X)

Following the execution of a search warrant by the FBI at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, there has been a notable increase in the dissemination of fear towards federal agencies among Republican figures such as Lauren Boebert. This has resulted in the propagation of distrust towards the federal government by far-right politicians, consequently leading to a rise in the activities of militias and other anti-government groups.

4. Promising retribution against social media companies

Lauren Boebert hits out against social media platforms(@laurenboebert/X)

Nowadays, Republicans across the board display a complex relationship with social media platforms. While they actively utilize mainstream outlets such as X, formerly Twitter, and Facebook to engage their extensive following, they also express dissatisfaction with these platforms when faced with measures to moderate particularly hostile content. Some conservative figures, including Lauren Boebert, have faced temporary suspensions due to their inappropriate antics on these platforms.

5. Flaunting AR-15s to celebrate mass shootings

Lauren Boebert seen posing with firearms (@laurenboebert/X)

In the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting incident where an individual armed with an AR-15-style rifle targeted an Independence Day parade in Illinois in 2022, House Republicans came out in support of the possession of assault weapons under the guise of upholding Second Amendment rights. In instances where the intent is to incite distress, elected officials, such as Lauren Boebert, were seen posing with military-grade firearms in an attempt to assert dominance over their political adversaries who have been trying to bring forth stricter gun control laws in the United States.

6. Rejecting pronouns as parts of speech

Lauren Boebert averse to use of preferred pronouns (@laurenboebert/X)

It has been observed that there is a growing reluctance among the majority of the Republican party to acknowledge and use preferred pronouns, particularly "he," "she," and "they." This intentional aversion has led to creating undue discomfort when addressing individuals according to their preferred pronouns. Some school boards have even proposed policies prohibiting teachers from specifying their preferred pronouns in their email signatures.

7. Lauren Boebert's dig at Vice President Kamala Harris

Lauren Boebert's swipe at Kamala Harris (@laurenboebert/X)

Rep Lauren Boebert conveyed her dissatisfaction with Vice President Kamala Harris' use of personal pronouns. She attempted to deride both VP Harris and President Joe Biden by juxtaposing unrelated matters in a single nonsensical tweet.

8. Maintaining status quo 

Lauren Boebert's dig at Democrats (@laurenboebert/X)

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has often expressed her resistance to change and progress in her tweets. Her tweet about Democrats altering definitions contained an implied allusion to a topic that has preoccupied Republican minds: the definition of a woman. Now, Republicans are not in a state of confusion regarding the definition of a woman. Rather, they employ the question "What is a woman?" as a means to invalidate and marginalize transgender individuals, indicating that this has become one of the primary political objectives of the largest conservative US political faction.

9. Boebert vs Rainbow

Lauren Boebert pokes fun of preschool (@laurenboebert/X)

Lauren Boebert went after Randy Rainbow in a tweet in May 2022 while making fun of a preschool's inclusive learning cards. Rainbow promptly responded to the Republican lawmaker, tweeting, "Sweetie your homophobia is showing...and for the record, I've had my tubes tied."

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