Jim Jordan slammed as he says 'most damning evidence' against Joe Biden came from Devon Archer

'Liars all of them': Internet slams Jim Jordan as he says 'most damning evidence' in Biden probe came from Hunter Biden’s associate Devon Archer
House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan reveals the 'most damning evidence' in the House's probe of President Joe Biden (Getty Images)

URBANA, OHIO: House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) found himself in hot water as he claimed that the "most damning evidence" in the House's probe of President Joe Biden came from Hunter associate Devon Archer, who flatly denied knowing of any POTUS wrongdoing.

The 59-year-old representative was in an interview with Fox News’ 'Sunday Morning Futures' when host Maria Bartiromo asked him to lay out the "most damning evidence" that House Republicans have found so far in their probe.

In reply, Jordan cited Archer’s testimony, saying “The most damning evidence thus far is what we got from Devon Archer — Hunter Biden’s business partner.”


“Because he says what they were selling was the brand. Remember, there’s no business here. They’re selling access to the brand. The brand is the big guy. The brand is Joe Biden. Devon Archer said that," he continued.

Jordan then when on to explain how the 81-year-old POTUS helped Hunter in his business venture. “I always say there are four fundamental facts: Fact number one, Hunter Biden gets put on the board of this company. Fact number two, he’s not qualified — he said so himself. Fact number three is that he’s asked by the leaders of this company to weigh in with DC and his father to help them deal with the pressure they are under,” the Ohio congressman explained.

“Fact number four, Joe Biden goes to Ukraine and conditions the release of American tax dollars to Ukraine on the firing of the prosecutor, who was applying the very pressure to this company, Burisma, the Hunter Biden sat on the board of,” he added.

What did Devon Archer say in his testimony?

Archer, who was on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma with Hunter Biden, claimed in a transcript of his testimony before the House Oversight Committee that Hunter would call his father at meetings and put him on speaker phone.

But according to Archer, the conversations were "casual" and unrelated to business. At one point, he was directly asked, “Are you aware of any wrongdoing by Vice President Biden?”

To which, he replied “No, I’m not aware of any,” according to Mediate. Archer was also asked, “Based on everything you saw, heard, and observed, did you have any knowledge of Joe Biden having any involvement with Burisma?”

But his reply remained the same: “No — not direct, no.”

Despite Archer’s claims, Jordan noted, “Devon Archer said that the best way to tell this story is through Hunter Biden’s interaction and Joe Biden’s interaction when Hunter Biden was on the board of this Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.”

Internet reacts to Jim Jordan’s remarks

After Jordan’s remarks surfaced on social media, many users slammed him for claiming that the "most damning evidence" against Biden came from Archer.

“Ah, so debunked stuff. Liars all of them. I kinda want to see them open up Benghazi again just to solidify the farce,” one user said.

“Wow, he confessed he as bupkis. SOOOOO embarrassing to have blown an entire year of the Majority only to come up dry?” the second user trolled.

“But Devon Archer told the committee that he had no knowledge of Joe Biden being involved in their Burisma business dealings,” the third user stated.

“Devon Archer gave testimony, *clearing*. Hunter B! Gym's lying, again,” the fourth user blasted while the fifth user wrote, “In other words, there is no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, damning or otherwise.”

“@Jim_Jordan is a pathological liar. He is a con man. He will always default to corruption,” one more said.







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