Meghan Trainor opens up about miscarriage scare during interview with Ryan Seacrest

Meghan Trainor opens up about miscarriage scare during interview with Ryan Seacrest
Meghan Trainor was elated upon discovering she was pregnant (Instagram/@meghantrainor)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Meghan Trainor has opened up about a terrifying experience while pregnant with her second child, son Barry, now 10 months old.

During a June 6 episode of Mythical Kitchen's Last Meals, the 'Made You Look' singer recounted the emotional turmoil she faced the day she found out she was expecting.

Meghan Trainor thought she was miscarrying during an interview with Ryan Seacrest

Trainor explained that she was elated upon discovering she was pregnant, describing the morning as joyful. "That morning I was, like, stoked, beaming of joy, I videotaped it. I did interviews and they were like, ‘How are you?’ and I said, ‘I’m thriving.’ I was so happy,” she shared.

However, her joy was short-lived. Just before her final interview of the day, she noticed something alarming. "Right before my last interview, I look down and I’m gushing blood,” Trainor recalled, adding that she “ruined a chair.”

Despite her distress, Trainor pushed through the interview with Ryan Seacrest, holding back tears the entire time. “I did that whole interview like, ‘don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry’ and then got through it. I shut the computer and was like, ‘Hey team I think I’m miscarrying right now,’” she said.


After the interview, Trainor checked the pregnancy test again, which still read positive. Seeking confirmation, she underwent a blood test, revealing a pregnancy hormone level of 90,000—a significant indication of pregnancy.

Her subsequent doctor’s visit brought surprising news. "At six weeks I went in and she goes, ‘Woah, that’s a 10-week-old baby.’ So I was pregnant ever since the (Jimmy) Fallon performance,” Trainor revealed.

Reflecting on her journey, Trainor recalled a moment from last October when she performed on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.' At the time, she had made a TikTok joking about getting her period during her performance, not realizing it was implantation bleeding.

"I was making m***********g life. I was making life during my sound check at Fallon," she told PEOPLE in February 2023.

According to the Mayo Clinic, implantation bleeding is common and occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus lining, typically happening about 10 to 14 days after conception.

Meghan Trainor receives overwhelming support online

Meghan Trainor has touched many hearts by sharing her harrowing experience of a miscarriage scare during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 08: Meghan Trainor attends the 2020 Christian Cowan x Powerpuff Girls
Meghan Trainor opened up about a terrifying experience she had while pregnant with her second child (Getty Images)

The internet quickly rallied around Trainor, with many fans and followers expressing their support and sharing their own experiences.

One user wrote, "Aww such an awesome story and I am very glad she told it. Implantation bleeding isn't talked about enough!"

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, "Honestly I wouldn’t care about a chair, I hope she was ok after the miscarriage."

Another user shared their pregnancy scare, writing, "With trolls. Bleeding while you're pregnant is scary. I had did while I was pregnant with my rainbow baby. I thought I was losing that one too. The scammer stuff is more offensive than anything."

The significance of Trainor's story wasn't lost on many, who praised her for shedding light on a rarely discussed topic. "I wholeheartedly disagree with so many of these comments. As someone that’s had multiple miscarriages, bringing awareness to this for other women that have to go through the same thing is important," one user commented.

Another user related their own experience with implantation bleeding, noting the anxiety that comes with it: "People saying she should’ve run to the doctor, I had implantation bleeding. They got me in but it was the next day, and the u/s showed nothing! I had to wait two agonizing weeks to see if my baby was ok while I bled on and off (she just finished her first year of college)."

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