Michael Jensen and Michael Hoosock: Syracuse cops killed in ambush shootout that also left suspect dead

Michael Jensen and Michael Hoosock: Syracuse cops killed in ambush shootout that also left suspect dead
Officer Michael Jensen, 29, and Sheriff's Deputy Michael Hoosock, 37, were fatally shot during an exchange of gunfire on Sunday evening (Madison County Fire Wire, Moyers Corners Fire Department)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised.

ONONDAGA COUNTY, NEW YORK: Authorities have named the officer and sheriff's deputy who were tragically shot and killed in upstate New York during an exchange of gunfire with a man who was later killed by law enforcement on Sunday, April 14.

The incident occurred when Officer Michael Jensen tried to stop a car believed to be driven by the shooter, Christopher Murphy, 33.

During the shootout, both the shooter Murphy and Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hoosock lost their lives, DailyMail reported.

What happened to the officers?

Officer Michael Jensen, aged 29, and Sheriff's Deputy Michael Hoosock, aged 37, were fatally shot during an exchange of gunfire on Sunday evening, just after 8 pm in Liverpool, approximately six miles north of Syracuse.

According to Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick on Monday, Jensen attempted to pull over a car he believed was being driven by the suspected shooter, Christopher Murphy.

However, the driver refused to stop and successfully evaded the police.

Officers were able to identify the license plate and trace it to an address in Liverpool.

Syracuse Police Chief Joseph Cecile, speaking at a news conference, mentioned that they sought assistance from the Onondaga County Sheriff´s Office.

Upon reaching the residence, the officers observed firearms inside the vehicle. Cecile noted that at one point, they heard sounds suggesting someone was handling a firearm within the house.

Inside the residence, Murphy informed a friend that the police would not arrest him and instructed the friend to leave.

The friend fled the house, and Murphy then began firing a high-capacity weapon, according to Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick stated, "We believe the first officer shot is a sheriff´s deputy in the rear of the house. And I don´t believe he knew what was coming."

Murphy exited the house and opened fire on four Syracuse police officers stationed outside, hitting one near the armpit, an area not protected by the officer's vest. Two officers returned fire, including the injured officer, the prosecutor mentioned.

The Syracuse officer, sheriff´s deputy, and the suspect were transported to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse. Unfortunately, all three were pronounced dead at the hospital, as confirmed by Cecile, who lamented the loss of "two heroes" that night.

Who were Michael Hoosock and Michael Jensen?

Michael Hoosock had a long career in public service, serving as a fire department captain and lieutenant in Moyers Coners for 16 years, working as a paramedic for Rural Metro Syracuse, and serving as a law enforcement officer.

Michael Hoosock
Michael Hoosock had a long career in public service (Onondaga County Sheriff's Office)

The fire department expressed their deep sorrow over his death, emphasizing his unwavering dedication to the community in all his roles.

Even as a lieutenant, he actively engaged with the community and used his extensive experience to help in any way possible.

Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley described Hoosock as a valued member of the department, highlighting his positive impact.

Michael Jensen had recently joined the local police department after working in Rome, New York, for two years.

Syracuse Police Chief Joseph Cecile praised Jensen's ambition and strong work ethic.

Governor Kathy Hochul condemned the tragic loss of the officers and extended her condolences to their families and colleagues, emphasizing their heroism and service to New York.

“My prayers are with their families, loved ones, and their colleagues. New York will never forget their heroism and service,” she said.

These officers were the first to be killed in the line of duty in Onondaga County since Officer Wallie Howard Jr in October 1990, officials noted.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh expressed the city's profound sadness over the loss, calling it a dark day for Syracuse. “This is a dark day for Syracuse. This is our worst nightmare come true.”

Shelley mentioned that the police intended to search the house as part of the ongoing investigation.

Christopher Murphy, the suspect, had no criminal record apart from a DUI charge from ten years ago, according to Fitzpatrick.

Internet mourns fallen officers

The fatal shootings prompted several to offer their condolences on social media.

One user wrote, "RIP. Thank you for your service."

Another added, "This is my hometown. Its horrible what’s happened to that city. It was such a lovley place."

A third shared, "May these Officers rest in peace, and I'd like to think Christopher  Murphy is suffering in heII," while another noted, "Heartbreaking."

Someone else commented, "RIP officers,you've done your duty."

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