Mike Johnson mocked as he says talks are 'frequent' with Trump on border situation on 'The Ingraham Angle'

'Not strong enough': Mike Johnson slammed as he says talks are 'pretty frequent' with Trump on border situation on 'The Ingraham Angle'
House Speaker Mike Johnson tells Laura Ingraham that he talks 'pretty frequently' with Donald Trump over border situation (@foxnews/YouTube, Getty)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: House Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly disclosed on Wednesday that he has been speaking “pretty frequently” with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Their discussions primarily focus on legislation aimed at providing aid to Ukraine and addressing the challenges at the US-Mexico border.

Notably, House Republicans are advocating for more stringent measures to address the situation at the border during these discussions.

Following this news, Fox News host Laura Ingraham shared her conversation with Johnson on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Many people on the internet also weighed in their opinion after Johnson’s remarks.

Mike Johnson talks ‘pretty frequently’ with Donald Trump 

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham took to X and wrote, "Speaker Johnson to Biden: You can end this right now.”


Mike Johnson spoke to Ingraham who began her monologue by telling him that she also had a conversation with Donald Trump about the border situation.

Ingraham added, “He said he had spoken to you about this deal and that he is against it, and he urged you to be against this deal,” adding that Trump was “extremely adamant about that.”

Ingraham expressed strong support for Trump during the conversation with Johnson, emphasizing that he “knows how to do this enforcement stuff—you don’t need some new bill coming out of the Senate to get the border enforced.”

Johnson chimed in adding that Trump “isn’t wrong.”

He added, “He and I have been talking about this pretty frequently. I talked to him the night before last about the same subject.”

During a meeting with President Joe Biden on Wednesday, the House Speaker indicated that House Republicans would resist a proposed immigration deal put forth by Sen James Lankford and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer regarding aid to Ukraine.

Johnson specified that House Republicans would only support the deal if Democrats agreed to endorse more stringent immigration policies than those currently outlined.

In his conversation with Ingraham, Johnson mentioned that he has not yet reviewed the immigration proposals put forward by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

He said, “We don’t have the text of whatever the Senate has cooked up yet. And so we have to reserve judgment, I think, to see what comes out of it. It doesn’t sound good at the outset.”

In his meeting with Johnson, Schumer, and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Biden addressed "the strategic consequences of inaction for Ukraine, the United States, and the world," as stated in a White House release.

The statement continued, “He was clear: Congress’ continued failure to act endangers the United States’ national security, the NATO Alliance, and the rest of the free world,” adding that the president also “made clear that we must act now to address the challenges at the border.”


Internet slams Mike Johnson

Many X users took a brutal jab at Mike Johnson after he claimed that he’s been speaking about the border situation.

One person wrote, “And what will the speaker do about it?” and another said, “Every proud tax paying American to Speaker Johnson: “build a friggin wall, balance the budget, and stop sending our money abroad.”



An X user slammed Johnson, “He flat out lied to you and your audience last night… I was watching,” and another claimed, “Speaker Johnson will fold like a cheap suit. GUARANTEED! THAT'S WHAT REPUBLICANS DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



One more person called him out, “Mickey can end this with thoughtful legislation. Mickey doesn’t want to solve this problem. He is a Trump 91 surrogate.”


]Another expressed frustration, “@SpeakerJohnson is not strong enough to deliver conservative policies and laws for the American people. He is not strong enough to know when to fight and when to yield. All he has done is yield. They excused the yielding because of emergencies. There has been no emergency, including government shutdown, that justifies allowing these degenerative White House policies to continue.”



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