Oscars 2024: How Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper and other stars reacted to their nominations

Oscars 2024: How Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper and other stars reacted to their nominations
Robert Downey Jr, Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper react to their Oscar nods (Getty Images)

How Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper and other stars reacted to their Oscar nods

Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling react to their Oscar nod (Getty Images)
Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling react to their Oscar nod (Getty Images)

On January 23, the nominations for the Oscars 2024 were announced, While some of the big stars missed being on the list, several others secured their places in the list of nominations of the most coveted award show. Here's how the stars including Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr and Emma Stone reacted to their respective Oscar nods.

Martin Scorsese - 'Killers of the Flower Moon' (Best Director)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 07: Martin Scorsese attends MoMA's Party in the Garden 2022 at The Museum
Martin Scorsese (Getty Images)

The veteran director Martin Scorsese said of his Best Director nod per EW, "It’s deeply gratifying to receive this recognition from the Academy, for myself and for so many of my collaborators on Killers of the Flower Moon. It was a remarkable experience to make this picture, to work together with the Osage community to tell the story of a genuine American tragedy, hidden in the shadows of official culture for far too long. I only wish that Robbie Robertson had lived to see his work recognized — our many years of friendship and Robbie’s growing consciousness of his own Native heritage played a crucial role in my desire to get this film onscreen."

Bradley Cooper - 'Maestro' (Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 02: Bradley Cooper attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating
Bradley Cooper (Getty Images)

Bradley Cooper thanked Leonard Berstein's family and said, “We are all so grateful to be recognized along all of these incredible works of art this year. And the performances from every actor who I so admire. Thank you to Jamie, Alex & Nina Bernstein for allowing their parents’ story to be out there in the world and thank you to the Academy. We are very honored to be included.”

Jeffrey Wright - 'American Fiction' (Best Actor)

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 30:   Actor Jeffrey Wright visits 'The IMDb Show' on October 30, 2
Jeffrey Wright (Getty Images)

After receiving the 'Best Actor' nod for 'American Fiction', Jeffrey Wright said, “My thanks to The Academy for this recognition not only of my work, Cord’s, Sterling’s, and Laura’s but the work of everyone who poured their talent into our film. We did this together. We loved making 'American Fiction'. We thought it might be special. To be included among the other nominees this year is a beautiful acknowledgment of our efforts to make it so. And thank you to MRC, T-Street and Orion/Amazon/MGM for walking the walk with us, so that our film could be made, seen and touch others the way it touched us. ‘Let them love all of you.’”

Emma Stone - 'Poor Things' (Best Actress)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 18: Emma Stone attends the Los Angeles premiere of Disney's
Emma Stone (Getty Images)

Emma Stone noted humbly, “11 nominations for Poor Things feels like a surreal dream. I am beyond grateful to the Academy for including me as both an actress and producer among this group of exceptional nominees and for recognizing our film in so many categories."

Lily Gladstone - 'Killers of the Flower Moon' (Best Actress)

Lily Gladstone at the 81st Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images)
Lily Gladstone (Photo by Michael Buckner/Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images)

Lily Gladstone penned a long note saying, “I am so deeply grateful to the Academy for this unparalleled honor. It has been a great blessing in and of itself to be a working actor at all, and to get to tell a story like Killers of the Flower Moon is beyond what I could have ever hoped for. I both share and owe this moment to the incomparable Martin Scorsese, who honored the voices and wishes of the Osage Nation with such fortitude, and to my gracious and legendary co-stars Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Tantoo Cardinal, and especially Leonardo DiCaprio. His immense, exceptional talent and heart made this possible, I am forever a proud and grateful friend." After thanking a long list of cast and crew members, she said, "To each of these humans, I say Iitaamiiksistsikomiit; I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day.”

Carey Mulligan - 'Maestro' (Best Actress)

PARK CITY, UTAH - JANUARY 25: Carey Mulligan of 'Promising Young Woman' attends the IMDb Studio at A
Carey Mulligan (Getty Images)

Carey Mulligan, who has been nominated for the Best Actress for 'Maestro' said, “We poured so much love and joy into Maestro. I’m brimming with gratitude today and huge pride for the rest of the Maestro team! Thank you to Bradley [Cooper] for handing me this gift of a role and an experience. I fiddled with Felicia’s lighter all morning, keeping the point of all of this close to my heart. I’m so grateful to the Academy — we are going to have the best time ever dressing up and paying tribute to this extraordinary couple.”

Ryan Gosling - 'Barbie' (Best Supporting Actor)

(Getty Images)
Ryan Gosling (Getty Images)

Ryan Gosling, who received a nod for the 'Best Supporting Actor for 'Barbie' reacted exuberantly, “I am extremely honored to be nominated by my colleagues alongside such remarkable artists in a year of so many great films. And I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m also incredibly honored and proud that it’s for portraying a plastic doll named Ken." However, he also noted the Oscar snubs for Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, saying, "But there is no Ken without Barbie, and there is no Barbie movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, the two people most responsible for this history-making, globally-celebrated film." He added, "No recognition would be possible for anyone on the film without their talent, grit and genius. To say that I’m disappointed that they are not nominated in their respective categories would be an understatement."

Robert Downey Jr - 'Oppenheimer' (Best Supporting Actor)

(Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Robert Downey Jr (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

In his characteristic grandeur, Robert Downey Jr, who received a 'Best supporting Actor' nod for 'Oppenheimer' said, “Waking up to all of these nominations for Christopher Nolan and his many talented collaborators is an absolute delight. It’s been the honor of a lifetime to be part of the cinematic masterpiece that is Oppenheimer, and it's a privilege to be an Academy member nominated alongside such esteemed company.”

Robert De Niro - 'Killers of the Flower Moon' (Best Supporting Actor)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 17: Robert De Niro attends the
Robert De Niro (Getty images)

'Best Supporting Actor' nominee for 'Killers of the Flower Moon', Robert De Niro said, “It was a privilege and a joy to work with Marty Scorsese, Leo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone and the full cast and crew of 'Killers of the Flower Moon'. It was also a mission for us. We committed to honestly and sensitively representing the history and spirit of the Osage People. To Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear and the entire Osage Nation, thank you for trusting us with your story.”

Jodie Foster, 'Nyad' (Best Supporting Actress)

Director Jodie Foster attends the
Jodie Foster (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Jodie Foster reacted exuberantly, “Wowza! I couldn’t be more proud and thrilled for our foursome today. Hooting alongside Annette (my partner in crime) and Diana and Bonnie who inspired it all. This definitely beats swimming in shark infested water!”

America Ferrera - 'Barbie' (Best Supporting Actress)

America Ferrera attends the World Premiere of
America Ferrera (Getty Images)

America Ferrera, who got nominated for 'Best Supporting Actress' for 'Barbie' said, “I’m stunned and so moved to be nominated among the brilliant artists who have done beautiful and important work this year. And I’m so proud to get to bring Latiné representation to this year’s Academy Awards, along with my fellow Latiné nominees. May the diversity of voices acknowledged by the Academy continue to grow! I’m thrilled to celebrate my phenomenal Barbie family and all their achievements." Referring to Gerwig and Robbie, she said, "Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie made history and raised the bar with Barbie. The cultural and industry impact they’ve achieved will be felt for generations and I’m so thankful to them for asking me to be a part of it.”

Emily Blunt - 'Oppenheimer' (Best Supporting Actress)

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 19:  Emily Blunt attends a photocall for
Emily Blunt (Getty Images)

Emily Blunt, after receiving the Best Supporting Actress nod for 'Oppenheimer' said, "I’m completely overcome and overjoyed! Weak-legged and immensely grateful for this moment. It goes without saying that this staggering film has changed my life. Colossal congratulations to my OppenHomies who ALL blew the doors off the place in their fields... we are a family in this so to raise a glass alongside my friends is a euphoric feeling indeed."

Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell - 'Barbie' (Best Original Song)

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, winners of the Music (Original Song) aw
Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell (Getty Images)

Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell said, “We are so incredibly honored to receive a nomination for 'What Was I Made For?' As lifelong fans of film, music in film, and the Academy Awards, this means everything to us. We are so grateful to the Academy, its members, and to be recognized alongside so many songwriters that we respect and admire." They also added, "And a special shout out to Margot Robbie for her incredible foresight as a producer and brilliant performance that resonated with us so profoundly when writing this song. We are truly honored. Thank you."

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