Pamela Gaensel: Florida mom arrested for child abuse after video shows her hitting and slapping son

Pamela Gaensel: Florida mom arrested for child abuse after video shows her hitting and slapping son
Pamela Gaensel was charged with child abuse after a surveillance video showed her repeatedly slapping her 6-year-old son (WSVN)

SUNRISE, FLORIDA: A 47-year-old Florida mother was arrested this week after allegedly grabbing her 6-year-old son from the back seat of her car, smacking him with a car seat she hurled at him, slamming him to the ground, and repeatedly slapping him.

Pamela Gaensel was arrested on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, and charged with one count of child abuse without serious bodily harm.

According to an arrest report acquired by Miami Fox affiliate WSVN, it occurred in front of a property in the 10500 block of Sunset Strip in Sunrise, Florida. It was unclear whether the alleged beating took place in front of Gaensel's house.

What did surveillance camera footage reveal?

The arrest report indicates that a residential surveillance camera of a neighbor’s home captured the incident involving Gaensel and her 6-year-old son.

According to the footage, Gaensel exited her vehicle and proceeded to the back seat where her son was seated. Her two other children, aged 7 and 3, were also present inside the car.

Gaensel first opened the door to the back seat and removed her son from the vehicle. She then removed both the booster seat and car seat from the back and threw them at the boy, which caused him to sustain injuries.

Subsequently, Gaensel threw the boy to the ground and slapped him on his face and back.

Upon viewing the footage, the neighbor called the Sunrise Police Department, who then investigated the matter. During the investigation, the police spoke to the boy and noted that his injuries were consistent with being repeatedly slapped.

The officers apprehended Pamela Gaensel without incident when she arrived at the school to pick up her child.

What was decided in Pamela’s court appearance?

Gaensel appeared in Broward County Circuit Court for the first time on Thursday, November 30, 2023, according to Miami NBC affiliate WTVJ.

The victim was first yanked from the car by his hair, according to the prosecution, and then thrown to the sidewalk. She then tossed the booster seat at the boy, injuring him in the leg.

Gaensel allegedly put the boy into the car before pulling him back out again. She then slapped him in the face and back, according to the report.

The young child could be heard crying and pleading with his mother to stop on the surveillance footage.

Gaensel reportedly told investigators that she was simply disciplining her son after he unhooked his car seat strap.

Gaensel's bond was set at $5,000 after the court appearance and she was subsequently released after depositing the sum in question.

Gaensel was ordered by the judge to have no contact with her young son until the state's Department of Children and Families allowed it.

The incident is being investigated and per reports, the boy and his two siblings have been placed in the custody of their father at the moment.

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