'People are fed up with you': Internet slams Marjorie Taylor Greene for labeling mainstream media 'propaganda news'

'People are fed up with you': Internet slams Marjorie Taylor Greene for labeling mainstream media 'propaganda news'
Georgia Republican House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene blames mainstream media for spreading propaganda (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene faced backlash online as she claimed that mainstream media (MSM) was losing viewership because they were broadcasting propaganda.

Her post contained a retweet that showed the declining audience of media houses such as FOX, CNN, CNBC, The Washington Post, BBC, and Bloomberg and pitted them against Elon Musk's X for advertising revenue.

However, netizens did not buy into Greene's theory and firmly opposed her allegations in context.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's tweet

Taking to the social media platform on March 4, the Georgia representative reposted a tweet that read, "The legacy media keeps announcing layoffs as ad revenue declines and audience moves away from them. If you ever see 'news' from them attack X or Elon, be aware that they are competitors for the same advertising dollars. That is why they are so desperate to hurt this app. X is a threat to their jobs and their existence."

"Two reasons people have stopped watching: 1. These media companies all denied the 2020 election was stolen. 2. These media companies pushed COVID fear mongering, masking, and vaccines," Greene wrote in her post, adding, "The American people are fed up and refuse watch propaganda news."


Internet reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene's tweet

Netizens were quick to call out the congresswoman for making false claims, as the following tweets demonstrate.

"Election wasn’t stolen. Covid was a huge unknown at first. No one was sure what it was all about," wrote a user.


"Trump's own legal team and campaign team i under oath saying the election wasn't stolen. You pushed the vaccine too and congratulated Trump on getting it to market so quickly. Shortening clinical trials from 10 years down to 3 months is how Warp Speed did that. You cheered it," pointed out another.


"Republicans want us to get our information from internet sources who can't be sued for lying," jibed a third.


"So, in other words: 1. They told the truth. 2. They reported on a virus that people didn't understand and did the best they could to update info as more info was learned," stated a fourth.


"Legacy media has been dying off for the last 20 years as people spend more time on the internet, social media, streaming services, etc, but sure, blame the 2020 election and COVID newsπŸ™„," noted a fifth. Another said, "The American people are fed up with you! Your QAnon MAGA shite has made The Republican Party a laughing stock for the world to see."



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