‘Ron is a big joke’: DeSantis brutally trolled as he accuses media of ‘going easy’ on Donald Trump

‘Ron is a big joke’: DeSantis brutally trolled as he accuses media of ‘going easy’ on Donald Trump
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accused the media of 'going after' him 'all the time' but 'going easy' on former President Donald Trump (Getty Image)

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis found himself in hot water as he accused the media of "going after" him "all the time" but "going easy" on former President Donald Trump.

The 45-year-old GOP front-runner was addressing a crowd during a town hall in West Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday, January 9 when he claimed that the real estate tycoon is remaining "at the top because, in part, the media coverage.”

“I think there's a reason why the media has been easy on him relative,” he said at his town hall with Fox News hosts Martha McCallum and Bret Baier, adding “They used to hate him. He was like the worst thing ever.”

The governor also stated that going into 2024 elections Democrats would prefer the focus on Trump's legal issues as opposed to his accomplishments as president.


“I think they want to see 2024 being all about these things. Ultimately, it's the people that decide these, not the polls,” he insisted, according to Daily Mail.

This came just a few days after DeSantis blasted the media for failing to hold Trump more responsible for declining to take part in any of the GOP primary debates.

“Well, that’s the thing. I mean, he could easily — if he’s going to be in Iowa, he could show up and debate and have to answer questions. And he just chooses not to do that,” he said on Fox News’s 'MediaBuzz'.

“He’s not attended any debates. He doesn’t do much campaigning. He’s got a lot of air cover from the media and so, he — you know, he’s gotten away with it so far,” DeSantis added, as per the Hill.

DeSantis asks Iowa to stop Trump’s 'self-fulfilling prophecy'

During the town hall event, DeSantis also urged Iowans to end the 'self-fulfilling prophecy' of Donald Trump winning in 2024.

When asked why he thinks contenders other than Trump are struggling to get polling momentum, DeSantis responded, "I honestly think Iowans have it within their power to upend all of that."

“I think that, yeah, there's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy,” the Florida governor urged, adding, “I mean, the media loves just reporting polls constantly.”

In national polls, former president Trump continues to lead, but in New Hampshire, where former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley surged to second place with barely single digits separating them, his lead is rapidly dwindling

The town hall was the second of three that Fox News is hosting in Iowa; the first was on Monday night with Nikki Haley, and the third is scheduled for Wednesday with Donald Trump.

Internet reacts to DeSantis’ remarks

DeSantis’ remarks have garnered immense social media attention, with users slamming him for claiming that the media is going easy on Trump.

“Ron is a big joke Be careful an alert of your soundings and your food Many bad people know you feared being poisoned, there’s a recent article on it that the deep state will,” one user trolled.

“This guy is an absolute clown. Completely unqualified,” the second user stated. “I can’t stand this guy anymore. He lost me and my vote👎”. the third user slammed.

“This dude is the epitome of don't flail around while you're drowning." You'd think he'd know better coming from Florida,” the fourth user mocked while the fifth one said, “Why is he so good at screwing up alongside doing so well governing Florida.”

“With all due respect, what planet is Ron DeSantis living on?!??” one more user wrote.







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