Roxanne Doucette: Massachusetts woman poisons husband to win over con man posing as handsome opera star

Roxanne Doucette: Massachusetts woman poisons husband to win over con man posing as handsome opera star
Roxanne Doucette poisoned her husband after being scammed by a fake soap star (Screenshot/WCVB)

TOWNSEND, MASSACHUSETTS: A 64-year-old woman from Townsend, Massachusetts is facing charges after she allegedly poisoned her husband at the urge of a person whom she thought was a handsome soap opera star.

The opera star forced Roxanne Doucette into serving her husband poisoned soup so he could have "sex with her," reports Daily Mail

Doucette is charged with attempted murder, intimidation of a witness, juror, police, or court official, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer, WCVB reports.  

Thorsten Kaye asked Roxanne Doucette to get rid of her husband

Townsend police officers were called to Nashoba Valley Medical Center after Doucette’s daughter told authorities she suspected her mother had poisoned her father after she found disturbing messages.

Detectives later learned Doucette was messaging a person whom she thought was soap star Thorsten Kaye of 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. 

One of the messages on December 1 reportedly read, “You have to get rid of your husband honey. I need you so much,” to which Doucette responded she needed to “do some thinking,” reports Law&Crime

She texted later that day she was making soup with a “special potion.” She then said her husband had eaten the soup and was “not feeling well.”

"Maybe I can collect life insurance,” Doucette allegedly said.

Thorsten wanted to know when Doucette may be getting the money, but she said she was not sure about it. 

Roxanne Doucette told cops 'she wouldn't hurt anyone'

Police responded shortly after 5 pm on December 1 to find Doucette’s 73-year-old husband barely responsive.

He was dizzy, “mumbling, not making sense.”

The daughter later was asked about what happened, and she said that her father told her he started feeling unwell after he ate soup his wife made that “wasn’t very good” and “tasted bitter.”

Doucette denied poisoning her husband but said she believed she was a victim of a scammer.

She lost $8,000, she allegedly told the police. Her husband may have had a stroke, she claimed, authorities said.

According to reports, doctors only tested for alcohol, cocaine, and painkillers on Doucette's husband. It's unclear if additional testing was finished.

Doucette's phone and iPad were taken by the police as evidence.

Doucette allegedly assaulted a police officer as he tried to take her into custody.

Declining the claim, Doucette said, "I would never try to poison anybody. I mean, did daycare for 15 years. I had a licensed daycare. I’ve done nursing and I have taken care of people," she said.

"I would not hurt anyone," she added. 

Roxanne Doucette said she is no longer talking to the person on Facebook and no longer has her phone or tablet.

Thorsten was saying that they loved me and they wanted me to leave my husband, but I had no intentions of leaving my husband. I love my husband very much," she said.

Roxanne Doucette will return to court on January 11.

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