Royal writer says Meghan Markle 'could never trump Kate' as he claims ex-actress 'wants to be the Queen'

Royal writer says Meghan Markle 'could never trump' Kate Middleton as he claims Duchess of Sussex 'wants to be the Queen'
Meghan Markle is allegedly 'jealous' of Kate Middleton (@sussexroyal, @princeandprincessofwales/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Meghan Markle has been deemed a "loser" by a royal author who also claimed that despite her wish, the former actress cannot become the Queen.

As per Express, Tom Bower said, "Kate Middleton has everything she wants. Kate is glowing, Kate is successful, Kate is popular - everything that Meghan wanted." 

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Royal author says Meghan Markle 'cannot win' against Kate Middleton

Bower continued, "Meghan wants to be the Queen - and she doesn’t want to be five in the succession [with Harry]." However, some things cut the chances of the Duchess of Sussex, like working her own way and leaving the UK in 2020.

Model/actress Meghan Markle attends the 12th annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards at Spring Studios on November 2, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)
Meghan Markle left the royal family in 2020 (Jim Spellman/WireImage/ Getty Images)

"There’s only one way and that’s the royal way," noted the writer, adding, "Meghan could never trump Kate - absolutely not at all." 

Bower asserted, "Everything she tries undermines her status and instead of going back to the privacy she said she needed - and why she had to leave Britain - every time she steps out into the spotlight, she loses a bit more. She just cannot win." 

UXBRIDGE, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Catherine, Princess of Wales visits Colham Manor Children's Centre
A royal writer thinks Meghan Markle can never tower over Kate Middleton (Karwai Tang/WireImage/ Getty Images)

Internet reacts to royal writer Tom Bower's remarks regarding Meghan Markle

As expected, Bower's comparison of Meghan and Kate has attracted a lot of attention from netizens, with many agreeing with the observations of the author. 

One wrote, "What MM never realized—bc she’s so shortsighted—is she could have (theoretically) been as/more popular than Catherine without BEING queen! It’s about the person not the title. That said, she’s just not that person who could EVER be better than Catherine."

Another stated, "Oh hasn't anyone told Meghan she will never be Queen infact she isn't a working member of the Royal family all she has done is marry the spare and is of no consequence. She is just an empty title and nothing else. Perhaps in La La Land, she is Queen but in the real world. Never."

A person stated, "I can imagine how giddy Meghan must have been to bag a prince. She just didn't know he couldn't afford the lifestyle she thought she was marrying into and she would not be Queen."

Someone else claimed, "Meghan can't be queen because she hates English culture. She couldn't even adapt to that when she was a royal." 

"In reality, I believe mm resented Catherine as she truly believes she is more beautiful. She really wanted to be Diana 2.0. The impossible dream," opined a user. 

One more said, "She's never fit to be a Queen but she can be a kween for her own fans, and for that, she should be thankful."







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