Senate power shift: 5 seats Republicans most likely need to flip to turn the chamber red

Senate power shift: 5 seats Republicans most likely need to flip to turn the chamber red
Eric Hovde and Tim Sheehy are GOP Senate candidates from Wisconsin and Montana respectively (, @sheehyformt/Instagram)

 5 seats GOP most likely needs to flip to turn Senate red

(The Kari Lake/Facebook,  Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Republican candidates Kari Lake and Bernie Moreno are running for Senate, hopping to flip it red (The Kari Lake/Facebook, Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The 2024 election to the US Senate is a crucial battlefield for the Republican Party as they look forward to retaking control of the upper chamber. The GOP has finalized the nominees in the key states running for Senate, and the election will take place on November 5, simultaneously with the presidential election. Flipping the upper chamber to red will be an added advantage for the party if Donald Trump wins a second White House term. Here are five states the Republicans should flip to red to retake the Senate.

1. Montana

(Tim Sheehy/Facebook)
Tim Sheehy is the GOP's Senate candidate from Montana (Tim Sheehy/Facebook)

GOP Rep Matt Rosendale dropped his Senate bid in February after Trump endorsed ex-Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy. Republicans are highly hopeful that Sheehy has the best shot at defeating the incumbent Democrat, Sen John Tester. As per an early March Emerson College/The Hill survey, Tester holds a 2-point lead over Sheehy. However, the question remains whether the Democrats can overcome Trump's influence in the state. In the 2020 presidential election, the ex-president won Montana with a 15-point lead, and this gives hope to Republicans of Sheehy's possible win in November.

2. Ohio

Bernie Moreno (
Bernie Moreno won Ohio GOP Senate primary last month (

Entrepreneur Bernie Moreno won the Ohio GOP Senate primary in March against state Sen Matt Dolan (R). Moreno cemented his Senate race after getting the endorsement of Trump to face Sen Sherrod Brown, his Democrat opponent who is seeking a fourth consecutive in November. Despite Ohio's rightward trend for years, the GOP is cautious about Brown's popularity, which remained strong for years, adding to his solid financial spot. "I would never underestimate Sherrod Brown. He's the best retail politician in Ohio," former Republican Rep Steve Stivers from Buckeye state said, as per The Hill.

3. Arizona

SIERRA VISTA, ARIZONA - NOVEMBER 04: Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake participat
Kari Lake is GOP's Senate candidate in Arizona (Getty Images)

Arizona is gearing up for a neck-to-neck race between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Rep Ruben Gallego in November, following incumbent Sen Krysten Sinema, an independent, not seeking reelection. Sinema's decision was initially advantageous for Lake as the former had strong support from GOP voters. In addition, Senate Republicans who were inclined toward the independent Congresswoman's bipartisan work, returned to Lake. However, the former GOP gubernatorial election contender has recently trailed behind her Democratic opponent. According to a mid-March Emerson College poll, Lake has 405 support to Gallego's 44%. It remains to be seen whether Lake, who is endorsed by Trump, could help Republicans to turn the upper chamber red.

4. Pennsylvania

(Dave McCormick/Facebook)
David McCormick faces an uphill competition in his Senate bid from Pennysylvania (Dave McCormick/Facebook)

In the Keystone state, the Republicans are placing their hope on David McCormick to bring down the three-time Democratic incumbent Sen Bob Casey. The national and state GOP members are so far satisfied with their candidate's uphill climb to oust Casey. However, there is fear of the former Bridgewater Associates CEO's ability to win in the end. According to the GOP operative, McCormick's best shot for victory is either to get the Biden voters on his side or rely on a drastic error from Casey. The Republican has to take the lead over his opponent, who currnetly has a 4-point advantage as per the Emerson/The Hill survey, to win the Senate seat.

5. Wisconsin

(Eric Hovde/Facebook)
Eric Hovde is running under GOP ticket for Senate from Wisconsin (Eric Hovde/Facebook)

In Wisconsin, the Republicans have a wealthy businessman who has a real shot at defeating the Democrat Sen Tamy Baldwin. Eric Hovde announced his Senate candidacy under the GOP ticket in February. He entered the race with the national party's support. National Republican Senate Committee Chair Steve Daines said Hovde's "experience as a job creator rather than a career politician makes him a strong candidate to flip Wisconsin's Senate seat this year," as per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In addition, Republicans consider Baldwin's decreasing approval of work among voters to favor them.

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