Stefan Jakubov: Man who coaxed friend to kill another pal and watched fatal beating on livestream arrested

Stefan Jakubov: Man who coaxed friend to kill another pal and watched fatal beating on livestream arrested
Stefan Jakubov allegedly instigated Gino Julian to commit the crime (LVMPD)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: A 29-year-old mortgage trader faces accusations of orchestrating the murder of a friend by allegedly coaxing and instructing another friend to carry out the act. 

Reportedly, the accused arranged for the killing to be live-streamed, enabling him to watch as the victim was fatally beaten, as per Law&Crime.

Stefan Jakubov was arrested earlier this month and charged with several felonies, including open murder, robbery, and tampering with evidence, in connection with the 2023 killing of Aaron Chavez.

Stefan Jakubav allegedly instigated Gino Julian to kill Chavez. 

Gino Julian arrested after he was found near Aaron Chavez's burnt body

In August 2023, Julian was apprehended after being discovered asleep in a parked car near Chavez's burnt body by tow truck drivers. It is reported that Julian contacted the drivers for assistance after his vehicle became stuck in sand. 

Authorities claim that on August 12, 2023, Julian fatally assaulted Chavez inside a Las Vegas residence, with Jakubov observing the attack via a live camera feed. 

Investigators obtained text messages from Jakubov instructing Julian to "break his face" and to delete their conversations, as well as promising to delete the camera footage. 

Julian allegedly messaged Jakubov inquiring about cleaning supplies, to which Jakubov replied that they were located under the sink.

During an interview with detectives from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department last year, 2023, Jakubov stated that he relocated to Las Vegas in 2020 and met Chavez, whom he described as affluent but indebted to many investors. 

The investigation team of the news station revealed that they had identified and verified several individuals who asserted that Chavez had defrauded them of money. 

Similarly, Julian informed the police that Chavez amassed wealth through Ponzi schemes, resulting in numerous adversaries. 

Text messages also indicated prior exchanges of threats between Chavez and Julian, with Chavez warning in one message, "And if I'm touched you will be sued to the full ecentensic."

Allegedly, Julian replied by stating, “Dead men can’t sue.”

Authorities found video evidence against Gino Julian

Gino Julian (LVMPD)
Authorities found video evidence against Gino Julian (LVMPD)

Authorities allegedly discovered several videos on Julian’s phone implicating him in Chavez’s murder. 

In one video, Chavez is seen sitting on a couch with Julian across from him in a chair. An agitated Julian is heard shouting at Chavez, “What does it feel like to be disrespected? It sucks, right?” 

He then appears to grab Chavez with his left hand before delivering a powerful punch to Chavez’s face, causing him to fall back on the couch. 

In another video, allegedly filmed after Chavez’s death, Julian is shown in the desert with Chavez’s body, wrapped in blankets and tied with twine. “I didn’t want to do gangsta s**t.” 

Julian appears to say as he pours gasoline over the body. He continues, "Just don’t understand the principles. So it’s my job to teach them, I almost feel sorry for him. What else did he think was going to happen.” 

Jakubov is currently held at the Clark County Detention Center on a $510,000 bond, with a preliminary court appearance scheduled for April 25. 

In addition to the aforementioned charges, he also faces one count of conspiracy to commit battery resulting in serious bodily harm and one count of harboring, aiding, or concealing a felony offender. 

His attorney, Robert Draskovich, expressed optimism about his client’s release, stating, “We anticipate him posting bail in the very near future. He is looking forward to his preliminary hearing in this case and is confident he will be exonerated of the murder and robbery charges he currently faces.” 

Julian is scheduled to stand trial before a jury in May.

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