'Still spewing lies': Internet divided as Laura Ingraham claims Biden admin is fine offending and targeting traditional Christians

'Still spewing lies': Internet divided as Laura Ingraham claims Biden admin is fine offending and targeting traditional Christians
Laura Ingraham slammed Joe Biden's administration's attitude toward traditional Christians (@radioingraham, @potus/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA: On Fox News' 'The Ingraham Angle', host Laura Ingraham recently claimed that the Biden administration is deliberately sidelining traditional Christians and targeting their beliefs.

In her impassioned monologue, she argued that the administration's actions, or lack thereof, during key religious events, exemplify a broader trend of disregard for Christian values.


Laura Ingraham condemns White House's silence on Saint Patrick's Cathedral disruption

Ingraham pointed to a specific incident during Easter, the holiest time of the year for Christians, where serial protesters apparently disrupted the Easter Mass at New York's Saint Patrick's Cathedral with cries of "Free Palestine." 

She stated, "During the holiest time of the year for Christians, in New York, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, the faithful could not even enjoy the celebration of the resurrection. The pro-Hamas protesters believe their cause trumps everything else. It was disgusting at every level."

Ingraham continued, "But was their disrespect, their sacrilege, condemned by the White House? By our president, who calls himself a Roman Catholic? Of course not. Because that would mean offending Muslim voters or left-wing activists. But the Biden administration, look, they're fine offending, even targeting Catholics and Christians of all denominations."

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND - FEBRUARY 28:   Talk show host Laura Ingraham speaks during CPAC 2019 Feb
Laura Ingraham is concerned over the White House's treatment of the Christian community (Getty Images)

Laura Ingraham slams Biden administration for celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31 despite it coinciding with Easter

The accusation of the administration's bias against Christians is not new. Ingraham referenced an alleged FBI consideration of "potential problems with traditional Catholics" in 2022, implying a systemic targeting of religious groups.

Ingraham remarked, "Remember, it was back in 2022 that the FBI was considering the potential problems with traditional Catholics. And yesterday, the Biden team celebrated Trans Visibility Day despite it coinciding with Easter."

She added, "Now, this isn't a day started by them. It began back in 2010, but they have fully embraced the day, even plastering it all over their social media accounts. But Biden, confused himself, has proven good at confusing others."

Notably, in a March 29 proclamation, the White House honored "the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans" and declared March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility. 

Internet reacts to Laura Ingraham's remarks regarding White House 

Netizens were divided over Ingraham's remarks as some echoed her concerns while others viewed them as unfounded and politically motivated.

One wrote, "Administration is Rotten to the core. Biden is so out of it he robotically signs anything put in front of him," while another added, "Consider the source. Who cares what Laura thinks or says!"

A person remarked, "Real Christians love everyone and aren’t offended when one of their holidays lands on another important day."

Someone else declared, "Laura is a shameless person who talks with both sides of her mouth."

An individual opined, "Old Joe pretends to be honest and a 'Good Old Irish Catholic'. He's a complete and utter charlatan!" 

One more simply said, "Still spewing lies." 







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