Susan Bailey: Documentary reveals teen plotted mother’s murder with brother, 13 and boyfriend, 16

Susan Bailey: Documentary reveals teen plotted mother’s murder with brother, 13 and boyfriend, 16
The accused individuals have been identified as the children of the victim (Criminally listed/ YouTube Video screengrab)

Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised

ROANOKE, TEXAS: A 43-year-old mother of two teenagers was discovered deceased in her home, her throat slit, at the top of the stairs as per DailyMail.

Meanwhile, another teenage girl attempted to harm her family while they slept; subsequently, she was taken into custody and transferred to a Detention Centre.

The accused individuals have been identified as the children of the victim, Susan Bailey: Jennifer, 17, and David, 13, as well as Jennifer's 16-year-old boyfriend, Paul Henson Jr, and his other girlfriend, Merrilee. 

The four teenagers allegedly conspired to murder their parents due to their disapproval of their relationship decisions. Notably, this sinister plot involving the four teenagers is featured in an Oxygen documentary.

Susan Bailey goes missing 

Jennifer and David alongside hardworking mother (criminally listed/YouTube video screengrab)
Jennifer and David alongside hardworking mother Susan Bailey (criminally listed/YouTube video screengrab)

Susan Bailey's death was discovered after her colleagues grew concerned about her absence on September 26, 2008. 

When many of her colleagues attempted to contact her mother, who resided in Minnesota, she was unaware of Susan's whereabouts. Bailey's mother then tried to reach her grandchildren, Jennifer and David, but was unsuccessful.

Subsequently, she urged the Roanoke Police to conduct a welfare check later in the evening. During the initial search, officers found nothing suspicious as there was no response and no evidence of forced entry.

The situation remained uncertain until a police officer in South Dakota stopped Susan's car a few days later and doubted the testimony provided by its young occupants. 

The officer then alerted the Roanoke Police, who subsequently decided to revisit Bailey's home. Upon gaining entry, they made a series of shocking discoveries.

Officers discover the body of Susan Bailey

Officers discovered Susan Bailey's lifeless body, killed in a crazed knife assault, lying on the floor in a pool of blood when they broke into her house.

After being repeatedly stabbed and having her throat slit, Bailey sustained 26 separate wounds, her blood splattering all over the walls.

A bathtub that was set up for electrocution, recently chopped hair, a bowl of poisoned chocolate pudding in the refrigerator, and cell phones immersed in water were among the other discoveries they made.

Denton County Jamie Beck’s prosecutor described the murder as “extremely brutal, extremely violent.”

Jennifer's boyfriend Paul and Susan Bialey's children were hauled in when their evil plot started to come apart.

Jennifer and David (YouTube video screengrab)
Jennifer and David (YouTube video screengrab)

Paul Henson was in a relationship with two girls at same time

Since high school, Jennifer and Paul had been dating, but Susan didn't like her daughter's boyfriend. Despite Jennifer's aspirations to attend an art college in Dallas, she began to be wary of Paul's influence, and both her behavior and her grades declined. 

Paul, Jennifer's boyfriend, made friends with Merrilee, a 14-year-old, at the same time and started dating both of them concurrently.

After that, the three started having s*x in three ways.

Crime Author Donna Fielder claimed, “'They believed they had been together in other lives. He liked to have sex with both girls and watch them have s*x with each other.”

Merrilee's mother, much like Susan, disapproved of her daughter's relationships. As tensions between the girls and their parents intensified, Jennifer, Paul, and Merrilee devised their gruesome plan. 

It was revealed that the trio, along with Jennifer's younger brother David, had agreed to kill their parents, steal their cars and credit cards, and flee to Canada.

Merrilee attempted to strike first. On September 23, her mother awoke to find Merrilee standing over her with a large butcher's knife. 

Her mother managed to call the police, and Merrilee was taken to a juvenile detention center. The following day, Paul's father reported his son as a runaway and informed the police that Paul had obtained his .22 caliber pistol.

Young couple involved in killing Susan Bailey receives sentence

Before long, Paul, along with Jennifer and David, carried out the murder of Susan together. 

They had devised multiple plans to kill her, one of which involved electrocuting her in the shower, according to Beck. However, the group of teens did a poor job of covering their tracks. 

They left locks of Paul's freshly cut hair at the scene, along with bandanas covered in Jennifer and David's DNA, which the brother-sister duo had worn during the killing.

Three days later, an officer from South Dakota found them loitering outside a closed gas station at 3:30 am. Despite their constantly changing stories, the truth eventually emerged before they were tried. 

All three were under 18 at the time of the murder and were not eligible for the death penalty. Jennifer and Paul both pleaded guilty and were each sentenced to 60 years in prison, while David was charged as a juvenile.

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